Back in the Saddle

And… I’m on a roll. Okay, it’s a small roll, maybe just a dinner roll, but it’s a start.

I finished my short story.

I finished my novella.

A Destiny Denied has come back from three of my four Beta readers.

Checked my folder of Sully and Larke short stories. Six files are in there; three are completed and three need to be finished. If I compile all six short stories into one volume, I can actually wrap up my book about Sully and Larke’s adventures.

I’m thinking to myself that things are looking up. All that would be left is editing, cover art, and then formatting and publishing. With luck, I’ll find a job soon and will be able to cover the expenses. Three more books published in the coming year. Goals!

I can sit back, and take my time finishing up Blindsided.

I had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday. He’s a writer too, and madly creative. When I told him about the progress on my stories, he looks me dead in the eye and says, “I’ve got one for your Sully and Larke stories. You see, there’s this succubus…” *headdesk* Guess I’m not quite done, after all.

Until next week,


3 Brand cropped



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