Making the most of time on your hands…

I had an interesting conversation with one of my friends not that long ago. He knows what I’ve been going through, and urged me to use all of my churning emotions, and channel them into a story. We talked for a long time; or rather, he talked and I listened. He’s a great friend, and I came away feeling better about myself, and my situation. I also had an idea for a new story.

Being a writer of paranormal romance and urban fantasy leaves the field wide open when you want to extract a little verbal revenge. What better way to deal with your ex-boss than to turn him into one of your characters? I’m not finished with the story yet, but it’s been interesting so far. If nothing else, this has been a great writing exercise. It’s keeping me busy, and focused on writing again. If I have time on my hands, the least I can do is get some writing done. Who knows? My Sully and Larke short stories may yet be compiled into one volume before too much longer. I just need to finish them.

I also decided to reclaim my beast desk. I’ve moved myself out of my bedroom and back into the area between the living room and kitchen. I now have an open writing space. Worry and depression are bad enough to deal with. Isolation only makes it worse. I can write, but I can also interact with my family. It makes for a healthier frame of mind, I think.

I’ve also been reading a lot. My Kindle app is getting one heck of a work out. I’ve developed a pattern. Write for a bit, read for a bit, repeat. So far, it’s working.

Till next week,


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