Learning to format… fun times.

This past week I have been attempting to learn a new skill, the art of formatting. Formatting is basically setting up your manuscript in book form to get it ready for publishing. My publisher came down awhile back to teach me the basics, and my first try was Eternal Embrace. While I did format the book, it wasn’t without her guidance. She also did the initial set-up, and corrected the tail-end glitches. It’s a very detailed and tedious job. Usually, I don’t mind this kind of work.

When she sent me an email to give me a heads up that I was going to be formatting a book in June, and to get some practice in, I took her at her word. My novella, Save the Last Dance, is not truly complete, but close enough for a practice run to format with. I added the extra pages; Title page, Copyright page, Acknowledgments, Dedication, etc. Took me a couple of tries, but I thought I was off to a good start. Until I ran into a brick wall. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t get the page numbers to work out.

I emailed my publisher. She answered me promptly, but it still wasn’t working. I reached out to my Facebook friends. Two of my author friends sent me their work guides. I went through them. While they were helpful, they didn’t quite line up with the way my publisher explained how to do it. I was beating my head against the wall by this time, ready to chunk my pc out the window. Not an option, can’t afford another one.

Then I remembered my friend. He’s played with formatting before, while working on his own books. I called him, and the true friend he is, came right over. Together, we struggled with the page numbers. We’d get them just so far, and run into a glitch. We watched tutorial after tutorial, and our comments went from comedic to scathing. After two and a half hours, he went home, but we had made some headway.

The next night, I started over, from scratch. Thankfully, it all lined up, and the page numbers cooperated. While I still can’t figure out how my publisher was able to not post page numbers on the Chapter pages, thanks to my friend, I know a way around it. I learned how to hide things. Whatever works, right?

I’m not even close to having this down, yet. But I’m not quite as doubtful as I was at the beginning of the week. I’ll get this. Giving up is not in my vocabulary.

Till next week,


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