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Edits…Get Your Edits

Two weeks ago I sent The Veiled Path to Destiny off to my editor. It would be the first time eyes, other than mine, have read the story. Yesterday, I received my manuscript along with the editing calls in the mail. Yay…eep…yay!

I’m not going to bemoan the red ink. I’ve come to think of it as a rite of passage a story goes through to reach it’s full potential. I also think it’s sort of a rite of passage a writer goes through on the way to becoming a better writer. One might think the goal is get a story back with no red ink on it. That is just setting yourself up for failure. There are no “perfect” manuscripts out there. If you get your manuscript back with no markings, get yourself another editor, because if they don’t call your attention to mistakes in your writing that you missed before sending it their way…I can guarantee the readers will not hesitate to do so. The goal is to learn from the calls made so the same kind of calls are not made in the next story you send out for edits, at least, that is my goal anyway.

So, on that note…their are edits to get through and the day isn’t getting any longer.

p.s.: I really hope this makes sense. lol. My brain is just now waking up and there has not been nearly enough caffeine crossing the blood brain barrier to fire up all systems.  😉

Until next week…Happy Reading!



Alive, but that’s about it

I’m alive, but that’s about it. I won’t claim sanity.

I’ve been juggling again, trying desperately not to drop anything. Which, has been sort of successful, but not really. I’ve got dual deadlines on June 1, and another couple June 15th…I will hit them all, but with editing in the May mix of crazy, something had to give, so Ella (which is being retitled) will be coming out a bit later than originally anticipated. It will not see May, but hopefully, late June…it just depends on a couple of factors.

Fear not though…I’m on it. The list is long and winding, but it’s getting checked off daily. (If only for each check there weren’t two additions-)

For now…gratitude for the patience..
And…Double gratitude for all who serve or served. Yesterday was a day of remembrance, and my family spent it serving ice cream. Thanks for understanding my absence.


Making the most of time on your hands…

I had an interesting conversation with one of my friends not that long ago. He knows what I’ve been going through, and urged me to use all of my churning emotions, and channel them into a story. We talked for a long time; or rather, he talked and I listened. He’s a great friend, and I came away feeling better about myself, and my situation. I also had an idea for a new story.

Being a writer of paranormal romance and urban fantasy leaves the field wide open when you want to extract a little verbal revenge. What better way to deal with your ex-boss than to turn him into one of your characters? I’m not finished with the story yet, but it’s been interesting so far. If nothing else, this has been a great writing exercise. It’s keeping me busy, and focused on writing again. If I have time on my hands, the least I can do is get some writing done. Who knows? My Sully and Larke short stories may yet be compiled into one volume before too much longer. I just need to finish them.

I also decided to reclaim my beast desk. I’ve moved myself out of my bedroom and back into the area between the living room and kitchen. I now have an open writing space. Worry and depression are bad enough to deal with. Isolation only makes it worse. I can write, but I can also interact with my family. It makes for a healthier frame of mind, I think.

I’ve also been reading a lot. My Kindle app is getting one heck of a work out. I’ve developed a pattern. Write for a bit, read for a bit, repeat. So far, it’s working.

Till next week,


New brand 3

Rolling with the punches…

Roll with the punches


To cope with and withstand adversity, especially by being flexible.

True to form, I was unrealistic to think I would be back on track within a week. No such luck. I find myself searching daily for a new job, hoping to find something fast because this single, older woman needs a paycheck to survive. With time on my hands, you would think this would be the perfect time to get some writing done. It would be, if I could manage to focus long enough on writing. Unfortunately, my head isn’t in a good place, and to write anything at all, it seems to be a requirement.

I’m hoping I find something soon, however, because I still want to get my novella published in December, and my third Kindred novel is set to be released next Spring. But, that takes money. Money to pay for cover artists and editors. Right now, those things have to take a back seat to rent, groceries, and bills. Such is life. No one ever said it was fair. I’m not complaining, either. I take full responsibility for my actions, and am trying to remedy my situation.

I watch my newsfeed on Facebook, and realize that on life’s path, I have simply stumbled. I haven’t committed suicide. I have my health. I’m not homeless. I have family and friends. I could mention a couple of other things, but I’m not here to ruffle feathers. Seems I’ve already done enough damage in that department. I’m strong-willed and stubborn, I will get through this, one way or the other.

And, I will get my head out of my arse, and start writing again. I’ve discovered something about myself in the last year and a half. Now that I’ve started writing, I need to write. It’s become an integral part of me. Which reminds me, I have a novella that needs to be finished before I worry about cover art and editing.

Until next week,


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The End

Remember that pinprick ray of light in the dark tunnel I told you about? Well, it has encompassed the darkness. The Veiled Path to Destiny has reached The End, and has been passed off to the editor. YAY!

Barring a total “nice try. try again.” from the editor, the projected release date is…July 8th!

Why so long out, you might ask. Well…the editor has it now. I expect to have it back in my hand in a couple of weeks. I will then go through the edits, make the corrections, add, rewrite, as suggested by said editor. Then a final read through is done before it goes to be formatted. All  of this takes time, but is essential in making sure the story is presented to you…the reader…in its best light. I hope you will find it to be worth the wait.

The cover reveal will be coming soon. Suzanna Lynn of Funky Book Designs did an amazing job and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Until next week…Happy Reading!


Not my best performance…

I had a blog planned for today. Unfortunately, something happened yesterday to change everything. No, I don’t want to talk about it. It’s enough I have to deal with it, and the consequences of my actions. Today, I need to regroup and think. I need to focus on my priorities, and figure out how best to solve my problem.

Hopefully, next week’s blog will be back on track. I give you my apology for today.

Till next week,


silhouette of man kneel in sunset hand on head


Thank you


& sorry for the delay…

For quite a long time, you’ve been gracious as I’ve blathered on about the Prowlers & Growlers boxset…Thank you for that. And to those who ordered it anyway…THANK YOU. We, the authors of P&G are most grateful for the readers who launched us to the USA Today Bestsellers list last week. It is still surreal.

I’m not going to cloud this up with anything else. Just thank you to those who made it possible.

Learning to format… fun times.

This past week I have been attempting to learn a new skill, the art of formatting. Formatting is basically setting up your manuscript in book form to get it ready for publishing. My publisher came down awhile back to teach me the basics, and my first try was Eternal Embrace. While I did format the book, it wasn’t without her guidance. She also did the initial set-up, and corrected the tail-end glitches. It’s a very detailed and tedious job. Usually, I don’t mind this kind of work.

When she sent me an email to give me a heads up that I was going to be formatting a book in June, and to get some practice in, I took her at her word. My novella, Save the Last Dance, is not truly complete, but close enough for a practice run to format with. I added the extra pages; Title page, Copyright page, Acknowledgments, Dedication, etc. Took me a couple of tries, but I thought I was off to a good start. Until I ran into a brick wall. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t get the page numbers to work out.

I emailed my publisher. She answered me promptly, but it still wasn’t working. I reached out to my Facebook friends. Two of my author friends sent me their work guides. I went through them. While they were helpful, they didn’t quite line up with the way my publisher explained how to do it. I was beating my head against the wall by this time, ready to chunk my pc out the window. Not an option, can’t afford another one.

Then I remembered my friend. He’s played with formatting before, while working on his own books. I called him, and the true friend he is, came right over. Together, we struggled with the page numbers. We’d get them just so far, and run into a glitch. We watched tutorial after tutorial, and our comments went from comedic to scathing. After two and a half hours, he went home, but we had made some headway.

The next night, I started over, from scratch. Thankfully, it all lined up, and the page numbers cooperated. While I still can’t figure out how my publisher was able to not post page numbers on the Chapter pages, thanks to my friend, I know a way around it. I learned how to hide things. Whatever works, right?

I’m not even close to having this down, yet. But I’m not quite as doubtful as I was at the beginning of the week. I’ll get this. Giving up is not in my vocabulary.

Till next week,


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The Struggle Is Real…But Oh So Worth It!

Last week I told you I would have some exciting news to share with you this week. I’m going to hold off another week. Why? So I don’t jinx myself.

It’s no secret The Veiled Path to Destiny, the second book in my Veil Series, has taken me longer to write. I have second guessed my abilities to give this second book the words that adequately portray what I was seeing in my mind’s eye. Iauron and Daria deserved to have the second half of their story told well.

There had been  a stretch of time where I thought, after this book is done, I’m done. Maybe I don’t have what it takes to be more than a one book author.

If truth be told, if it were not for the readers and my author friends who have been asking for The Veiled Path to Destiny, I think I would have chucked it. The doubt was STRONG. Thankfully, that thought path didn’t last long. I have refound faith in my ability to spin a tale and do it justice, and this story will be out soon.

It’s been a struggle, but then most things worthwhile are. The trick is to not give into the urge to give up, because nothing is ever accomplished if you don’t push through the tough times.

I have a story to finish, and when I say…this story is for you…I sincerely mean it. You have been my inspiration.

Until next week…Happy Reading!



Recently, a very dear friend of mine advised me that they love that I am ‘fierce.’ I take this as a priceless compliment. I think I am fierce too. I love fiercely, live fiercely, and charge forward with an untenable focus on my pursuits. It is no mistake that the Rhino is my logo and philosophy.

I am also fiercely loyal as a friend. I will interject myself into situations to defend when necessary, or to stand up in the stead of a friend who is not present to do so for themselves. I personally believe this is the hallmark of friendship, or at least one of them…brutal honestly, and sometimes being the director of shenanigans is also in the job description.

But…all this fierceness, makes the results fierce too. For example…the mad, crazy juggle often is the source code for a FIERCE headache, fierce disappointment, and fierce self-condemnation. I am angry and frustrated when I can’t run as hard as I feel I should, or learn something faster. I want to be better with each day, at everything I endeavor to accomplish. This is not always the reality.

As you have seen, I have been part of two recent sets with others. One was…for lack of a better description, Author Marketing 101 on crack. I have never learned so much in such a short window while at the time feeling like I dropped so many balls. I ran hard, and gave my all…and at the end of the crazy push – I am frustrated that I couldn’t learn more to do more faster. Add that everything else on my plate has sort of become soupy from running together as they got luke warm…and my frustration is ugly, and fierce.

Whatever comes next, there is a fierce pride commingled with the disappointment. Next time…I will be better, I will be faster, and I will contribute more if it kills me. Yes, I’ve said it to myself and the organizer…who assures me that growth takes time. I might believe her.

Until that, I’m re-evaluating my agenda. I still have every intention of releasing the other 5 works in 2017. The dates may juggle, but this is me being fierce…fiercely hard-headed & stubborn to achieve the goals. Which means, it’s back to the cave after I finish posting my promos for today, because juggling…often takes time that would be used for other things…and there are no more hours so NOW it is.

See you on the pages.