Staying busy…

So, what have I been doing this past week? Let’s see… I’ve been promoting, marketing, revising, and writing. Did I mention that I’m Super Author by night? LOL Sometimes, that’s how I feel. My ultimate dream scenario is to be a full time author, but unfortunately being a single, working woman sort of prohibits that from happening any time soon. Though retirement is close, it’s still down the road a ways.

Eternal Embrace has been doing well, and I’ve gotten a couple of 5 star reviews already. Thank you so much for that! I’m hoping that will increase next week when Totally Talented Promotions starts the Roundup Review for novels. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Eternal Embrace will be one of the many books for you to read for free. The only requirement is to leave an honest review. That’s a hard deal to beat.

I finished a couple of projects, and have started book 4 of my Kindred series, Blindsided. What happened to book 3, you ask? *chuckles* It’s in the hands of my Alpha reader, waiting for Beta readers. Yes indeed, A Destiny Denied is finished. Of course, there will be many revisions before it makes it to being published next Spring, but I’m happy with the story, so far.

I’m not sure of the difference when it comes to writing my books. Phoenix Rising was my personal heart story, and it poured onto the paper in a rush. I struggled with Eternal Embrace. I didn’t like the female main character, and battled with her for a long time before we came to an understanding so I could finish the book. A Destiny Denied was a labor of love, and an emotional outlet for me. Blindsided is turning out to be fun, and has more twists and turns that I originally planned on. Deuces Wild, book 5 is going to be another fun one. As much as I want to hurry and write them, I’m going to be devastated when the series is completed. I love my warriors.

On that note, I have writing to do. Till next week,

~Madison Granger

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One response to “Staying busy…

  1. Why do you have to finish the series? It can just keep going! Lots more Kindred Warriors to write about! Revisit more main line characters! They might have babies! Haha! Not trying to tell you how to write…just not looking forward to the devastation that finishing the series brings…!! 😉


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