No rest for the weary…

I’ve spent this last week playing “catch up.” Not that I was really behind, but there were more than a few loose ends that needed tending.

I was interviewed by E.A. Copen this past Monday. You can find it on her blog at It was kind of a kick to be interviewed by her. She has fast become one of my favorite Indie authors, so there was some fan-girling going on my end.

After final edits, I had to update all my favorite quotes from Eternal Embrace, and make new teasers. That wasn’t a hardship on my end. I love working with memes, and even found a couple of new quotes as I was browsing.

I’m touching base with a couple of key people about features, and events, to promote my upcoming release. It’s all part and parcel of writing, and promoting. It’s a thrill to write a book, and have it published. But you still need readers; and you need to market, and promote to reach those readers. Yep, it’s an ongoing cycle.

Can’t forget my newsletter. I’m sending it out at the first of every month. (psst, that’s today) One, I don’t have enough going on right now to warrant more than that. And two, I really don’t see the sense in it. There are some authors that send newsletters out daily. To me, that’s overkill. And to be honest, who opens them up and reads them? I figure once a month is good enough. If you’d like to subscribe, go to my website You’ll see the box to sign up on the first page about halfway down. Would love to have you. I try to keep it interesting, and every once in a while, I’ll throw in a giveaway. You never know what I’ll be giving away.

In and around all of this, I’m finishing up A Destiny Denied, book three of The Kindred series. Of course, book 4, Blindsided, nudged its way into being, and I’m working on that one too. Which means I have a lot of work ahead of me. I need to get some of these finished, and on an editor’s desk. I’m trying to avoid that fierce pressure of a release deadline this time around. I’ve learned one thing about my characters though, I have little say-so in these matters. They pretty much call the shots. 😉

Till next week,




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