WIP – Work(s) in Progress

When I was younger, I was organized and OCD to a fault. I’m going to blame getting older, because it’s the likely culprit, though I’m not totally sure. I’m still pretty organized, and I have remnants of OCDism. Neither one is as bad as it used to be.

I remember when I started writing Phoenix Rising and was getting to know other authors via Facebook. I was amazed at how many were working on multiple storylines at the same time. I clearly remember me saying. “I could never do that. I need to finish one story before I could ever think about starting another one.” I have come to the point where crow is tasty with a little salt and pepper.

My second novel, Eternal Embrace is *this* close to being finished and ready to be published. Once it’s out there, I’m free to work on the next one. A Destiny Denied is mostly done. There are a couple of chapters that need to be finished, then there are the revisions before I start looking for beta readers. I have five short stories in different stages of progress; two are finished, two are started, and one is a premise. And my novella needs some more work before I’m satisfied with it. I figured 2017 was my year to finish what I’ve started. Right? Apparently, not. Seems my main characters for Blindsided, book four of the Kindred series wants some attention.

I tried telling them I’m not ready yet.

They don’t care.

“How about a compromise? I’ll jot down some notes, so I can come back to it. Will that work?”

“Maybe. Write this down…”

*looks up* “Wait! This is Chapter 1 and 2. Can’t we do one at a time?”


The struggle is real. The voices are loud and demanding. And I’m realizing they’ve been around for the majority of my life. I just didn’t know who or what they were. Now that I’ve acknowledged them and given them an opening, they’re taking advantage of it.

Last night I had dinner and drinks with a local author. Not only is this guy entertaining, he’s creative. He gave me some great ideas for my Kindred series. They only need a little tweaking to make them fit. C’mon main characters … I’m ready for you now!

Till next week,




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