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Another Thursday Another Snippet

In the previous snippets, we’ve seen exchanges between all the characters but the *whispers* villian….Dramorion. So to shut him up so I can enjoy my coffee in peace, here is a sneak peek at how Dramorion is doing.

Remember…this is unedited and subject to change.

Dramorion’s body ached. No, he decided. Ache was to tame a word for what he was feeling. He hurt. His mind was still swimming in the dark abyss, but there was a glimmer light above him that hadn’t been there before. He had also become slightly more aware of his form. Was his endless torture coming to an end?

He pushed and clawed his way towards the brightness overhead, fighting against the currents wrapping around his limbs and neck trying to drag him back down into the darkness. His muscles burned with the effort. His heart pounded in his chest and echoed in his ears. Inch by inch, the darkness receded with the growing brightness of the light. Chest heaving, he reached out a hand, grasping for something to hold on to, lest he fall back down into the inky depths of pain.

The fugue state of his mind burned away beneath the expanding illumination burning his eyes, accompanied with the memory of a prophesy heralding the new era for the Fae with the progeny of the King and his chosen Queen, which spurred him on. He had failed in his attempt to rid the universe of Verisiel over a millennium ago. He would not fail again. Gathering his waning strength, Dramorion squeezed his eyes shut and made a final lunge for the surface.
The Veiled Path to Destiny~The Veil Book 2©Jolanthe Aleksander

Until next week…Happy Reading!



Well…there’s that.


I’m home from a week+ away. I spent over 35 hours on the road there, back, and in between to other places and I’m spent. But…there’s no rest, not really anyway. There will always be something more to do and the list is cross one-add three. Invariably, I’m looking at one thing and something else pops up…”well, there’s that now too.”

BUT…it’s all good. I met some amazing readers, had some awesome chats with new to me (and new to publishing) authors…and got to laugh out loud. So, I’m solid. This week will be a lot of catch up for me, to get the promo back on track for Sultry & Sinful: The Femmes of Paranormal, and Prowlers & Growlers….as well as to be continuing the promotion for C.A.S.E. Revelations…there’s tons in the hopper.

I’m off again in less than 2 weeks to North Iowa Book Bash, and another fun, incredible signing event, plus I’ve got to finish Ela’s Cinder for May. Like I said, no rest. So, I guess I should take a moment to say thanks for the ones I just had.

The little river house was lovely, and mostly quiet…and if I didn’t use each moment to the fullest, I have no one else to blame.  Watch for the last March newsletter coming out from me on Wednesday with some reads from the signing authors at Biloxi…I’ll leave you with my final sunset from the trip.

Til next time…see you on the pages!


Done. No, wait… there’s more.

For months now, I have spent all of my spare time writing, revising, and editing Eternal Embrace. Yesterday, I officially put that baby to bed. The final formatted version is on its way to my publisher. The page count and revised back cover blurb has been emailed to my cover artist. It is now, out of my hands. If things go right, pre-orders for the e-book will begin April 1, with the release of both formats on April 11. It feels like it’s been a long time in coming.

On the upside, learning to format wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’ve read posts of other authors complaining about the time-consuming task, and the nightmares it can entail. They aren’t wrong. It IS a tedious, time-consuming job. Fortunately, for me, I have no problem with that part of it. I’ve always done well working in the background, doing detail work. This fits right up my alley. I’m not saying I got it all, but I got the major gist of it. I’m going to play with it when I have time, to familiarize myself with the setup and program.

Now, that part is done, I have more work to do. No rest for the weary on this journey. There’s always something that’s going to need attention. I need to work on my teasers, updating them with final quotes from the book. I need to start hitting groups with promos. It’s time to get the word out. I’ve got a newsletter to put together. With the help of my street team, a PA, fellow authors, and a marketing guru, I’ve got things in the works to help reach a wider audience. Writing the book is simply not enough.

Then, there’s the next book…

Till next week,



Teaser Thursday

Remember that light in the tunnel I told you about a couple of posts ago? Well it’s getting brighter! WooHoo!

That being said…I thought I’d share another unedited snippet from The Veiled Path to Destiny~The Veil Book 2, with you.

“I love the reaction your body has when I pay attention to that particular spot.” Iauron whispered in her ear, his hands skimming up the sides of her torso to cup her breasts. His thumbs brushed across swollen peaks of her nipples pushing at the cloth of her shirt. “Now this is a glorious sight.” She gasped as his fingers and thumb tweaked the sensitive buds only to release them and take a step back.

An incredulous expression across her features, Daria spun around to face Iauron. “Where are you going?”

A knowing smirk curved the corners of his mouth. A teasing gleam shimmered in his blue eyes. “Exploring of course.” Holding a hand out to her, he started walking backwards. “Are you coming?’

Daria glared at Iauron. The amusement radiating off of him had her gritting her teeth. “Fine.” She grumbled, bending down to pick up her discarded sweater.

“Leave it.” Iauron uttered, stalling her reach.

“I might need it if it gets cold.” She argued.

“I promise to keep you warm should you catch a chill.”

Daria walked towards him. “I’m going to hold you to that promise.” Daria warned, placing her much smaller hand onto his.

Iauron raised her hand to his mouth, “Trust me to see to your every need, mo chroí.” He beseeched her, brushing the back of her fingers with his lips. Tucking her hand into the crook of his arm, he winked at her. “Come, lass. We have much to see and much to do.”

“You’re awfully bossy, you do know that, right?” Daria asked, falling into step with him.

“Consider it one of the perks of being King.”

She shook her head. “Tell me another perk.”

Continuing to hold her hand against his arm and walk, Iauron looked down at her. All joviality left his face. “Claiming you as my Queen once again.”

Feeling the flush heat up her cheeks, Daria tore her gaze from his soul piercing one and scraped her teeth across her bottom lip. “I don’t know what say to that.” She confessed.

Iauron halted their walk an stood in front of her. Lifting her chin with his free hand, he pressed his lips to her forehead. “Fret not about a responding, little one.” He replaced his lips on her brow with his forehead, and stared into her eyes. “It is but a truth that needs neither acknowledgment nor a response. It just simply is.”
The Veiled Path to Destiny~The Veil Book 2©Jolanthe Aleksander

Until next week…Happy Reading!

Running 220 with my hair on fire

It’s that day. I’m on the road and likely recording errant thoughts for work I intend to do when I reach my destination. I’ve been running 220 with my hair on fire for weeks leading up to this. C.A.S.E. Revelations came out a scant two weeks ago, and I’ve got an anthology & a boxed set on the near horizon that has been calling hours to promote as well. Add in packing & prep for a signing (and liberation from the real world), plus final edits/assessment of a manuscript for someone else (that I finished at nearly 3 am on Saturday morning, I might add), and you’ll have me scrambling to pack and get out the door on time.

But, by the time this posts, I’ll be long on my way. Send coffee. I’ll need it by now.

With the sun coming up to my left, I should be well beyond my beloved home state and likely  well on my way to warmer. It’s always amusing to make this trek, shedding layers as the hours pass.

So…what will you do this week? Me, I’ve got no phone, no neighbors…and a large riverhouse to shelter me and my thoughts as I try to plunk out at least 1 or 2 of the upcoming works that need words…and grab a few lazy hours on the deck in the hammock catching up on some great reads! Bliss folks…bliss is coming.

I’m going to hope for access to post next weeks snippet with fun from Booking In Biloxi…the signing is the gold standard and I’m hopeful to find a coffee joint if necessary to upload before I get back on the road to head north and have to stop to once again put pants on.

Til then…read something awesome.
See you on the pages.


WIP – Work(s) in Progress

When I was younger, I was organized and OCD to a fault. I’m going to blame getting older, because it’s the likely culprit, though I’m not totally sure. I’m still pretty organized, and I have remnants of OCDism. Neither one is as bad as it used to be.

I remember when I started writing Phoenix Rising and was getting to know other authors via Facebook. I was amazed at how many were working on multiple storylines at the same time. I clearly remember me saying. “I could never do that. I need to finish one story before I could ever think about starting another one.” I have come to the point where crow is tasty with a little salt and pepper.

My second novel, Eternal Embrace is *this* close to being finished and ready to be published. Once it’s out there, I’m free to work on the next one. A Destiny Denied is mostly done. There are a couple of chapters that need to be finished, then there are the revisions before I start looking for beta readers. I have five short stories in different stages of progress; two are finished, two are started, and one is a premise. And my novella needs some more work before I’m satisfied with it. I figured 2017 was my year to finish what I’ve started. Right? Apparently, not. Seems my main characters for Blindsided, book four of the Kindred series wants some attention.

I tried telling them I’m not ready yet.

They don’t care.

“How about a compromise? I’ll jot down some notes, so I can come back to it. Will that work?”

“Maybe. Write this down…”

*looks up* “Wait! This is Chapter 1 and 2. Can’t we do one at a time?”


The struggle is real. The voices are loud and demanding. And I’m realizing they’ve been around for the majority of my life. I just didn’t know who or what they were. Now that I’ve acknowledged them and given them an opening, they’re taking advantage of it.

Last night I had dinner and drinks with a local author. Not only is this guy entertaining, he’s creative. He gave me some great ideas for my Kindred series. They only need a little tweaking to make them fit. C’mon main characters … I’m ready for you now!

Till next week,



Always learning …

On last week’s blog, I was on my way to a Writer’s Conference. This local event turned out to be much larger than I had expected. My hometown is not a large one. The town itself has roughly 35,000 people, if I were to include the urbanized areas, the population would reach around 60,000. Imagine my surprise to see a huge turnout at our main library for this day-long experience. I was pleased to find out we had so many aspiring writers.

The day was packed with several workshops scheduled each hour. There was no way to attend them all. You had to go through the event sheet and figure out which one appealed to you the most. Some of them were hard decisions. I had one hour where it was a toss-up between two workshops. After having lunch with Rachel Caine, author of The Morganville Vampires series, I overrode both classes and attended Ms. Caine’s presentation. I wasn’t disappointed.

I learned quite a bit about traditional publishing. The only drawback I found to the entire agenda, and it was strictly a personal one, was there were no speakers geared towards Indies and/or self-publishing. I’m sure there were quite a few aspiring writers who walked away with the conviction that if you couldn’t afford an agent, you didn’t have a chance of ever becoming published. I wish there would have been someone to speak about self-publishing; at least to give everyone the choice. Again, that’s my personal take on it.

All in all, I came away from the conference happy. I learned a lot, made new friends, and was able to get some networking in. Another local author, Niki McQuilling, and I gave readings from our books to a (thankfully) small group. Despite Niki’s anxiety and my own case of nerves, we managed to pull it off and walked away with no lasting damage. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to next year’s conference.

Now, it’s time to focus on Eternal Embrace. My release date is right around the corner. I’m working on more teasers, and I have a video trailer in the works. Swag is starting to come in, as I prepare for giveaways. Get ready. I’ve got a new story for you.

Till next week,

~ Madison

jambalaya writers conf


Reviews. I will admit I am not always prompt on leaving reviews for the books I read. To be honest, before I became an author, I never really much thought about it. If I liked the book, I put it on the bookshelf and searched for the next book in that series, or if it was a stand-alone, I searched for the next book by that author. If I didn’t like it, I sold it to the used bookstore.

Now that I am an author, I see the importance of reviews as far as getting a book into the hands of other readers. I find myself reading the reviews of books I buy, especially if the author is a new one to me, and I usually pay more attention to the 3 and 4 star reviews.

I know some people don’t leave reviews because they feel like they don’t know what to say, but reviews don’t have to be more than one or two sentences. Leave a star rating and in the comment section leave something like, “Great Read”, “Loved it.” or if you didn’t like it, “Bleh.”

There is a theory floating around that after 20-25 reviews on Amazon, a book will get included in their “Also Bought” and “You Might Like” lists. Which makes the books more visible to readers looking for new reads.

I don’t like asking for reviews. It gets annoying to see an author ask for reviews day after day, but I also think that every once in awhile, it’s ok to say, “Hey…if you read my book and you liked it, please leave a review.”

So here goes….If you have read Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams…please leave a review. Thank you!

Until next week….Happy Reading!


Worth the wait

It’s been a long haul, I’m not gonna try to front. BUT, it’s worth the wait, I promise. Need something new to read here in March or April…I’ve got you covered, with a little help from my friends. And the BEST PART – all of these are $0.99 RIGHT NOW. Que your copy before the prices go up!

RELEASING TOMORROW…if you missed the preorder
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ALSO available to preorder now is a fabulous Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Box Set with 21 BRAND NEW stories. The set will go live on April 25th, but you can reserve yours now.


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Last but not least, the Sultry & Sinful: Femmes of Paranormal anthology went up for preorder just a few days ago and has already claimed an orange best-seller flag at amazon. Check out and scintillate your softer side with my friends and 10 stories of F/F Paranormal wonder. This set goes live April 18th.
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Told you I had a lot to share and that it would be worth waiting for. THIRTY-TWO new stories…all in one post. And they said it couldn’t be done in under 300 words. GOT IT NAILED!

See you on the pages!


Disappointment and working through it

There are times when there is no way to avoid it. You’re going to hurt someone’s feelings. I hate being put in that situation, but it couldn’t be helped. I had to ask my editor to send my manuscript back to me before she finished going over Eternal Embrace. Between my unexpected surgery and her being down with the flu, our time schedules got thrown into the toilet and before I knew it, I had exactly one week to prepare my manuscript to deliver to my publisher this coming Monday. My editor is upset with me, understandably. I hate that. She has been an immense help to me. I know I put her through the wringer. I’m a novice, and I have never lied about it. I’m trying to learn as fast as I can, but there is SO much to learn and know about writing and publishing. I can only absorb so much. Regardless, I’ve gone over her notes repeatedly and I should be ready by Sunday to turn over a manuscript to my publisher that I’m happy with.

Today, I’m spending the day at a Writer’s Conference. Attending workshops with various authors to learn how they did it. How did they learn to plot, to develop their characters? What’s their take on publishing? It should be interesting, I know it will be informative. I plan to be a sponge, take notes and absorb. I’m also doing a local author reading. Not sure how I got roped into that one. Oh yeah, I volunteered to help out. *headdesk* Anyway, I picked out a chapter from my soon to be released novel, Eternal Embrace. It’s a piece that gets to me every time I read it. I’m hoping I get some positive feedback.

While I’m off learning, I hope you enjoy your weekend. Grab a book and enjoy!

Till next week,