On the mend and ready, set, go!

One month ago I had surgery for a total knee replacement. I am happy to report that I’m well on my way to recovery, and finally beginning to feel like my old self again, minus the excruciating pain. I’ve been back at my day job for the past two weeks, and I caught up on the backlog of paperwork and filing. That was a relief and a definite feeling of accomplishment.

Best of all, my mind is starting to focus on my stories once again, and I’m going through manuscripts to see where I left off, and what’s left to finish. I’m glad that I don’t have any events planned this year, it’s going to be enough trying to finish what I’ve started, with the plan to get it all published. In the midst of all of it, I have a ton of promoting to do, book covers to plan, and corresponding swag to go with everything. There’s nothing simple about writing a book. One part leads to a dozen other things to make it all happen.

On top of it all, March is slated to be a learning experience. I’m attending a one-day writer’s conference, and a couple of weeks after that, I’m meeting up with my publisher with the intentions of learning how to format. My first attempt will be Eternal Embrace. Nothing like a little pressure, right? But when I format my book, and it comes out good, the sense of accomplishment will be phenomenal. If I mess up … I don’t believe that’s an option. LOL

Right now, however, I’m working on my newsletter for March and I’ve decided to give one lucky subscriber a very special prize. Since my birthday and Mardi Gras are going hand in hand this month I put together a package, which includes a Mardi Gras mask and a Kindle Fire. If you want to a chance to win, just go to my website, MadisonGranger.com and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Sign up for the newsletter and that’s it. Doesn’t get any easier than that! Random.org will pick one winner and they will be announced in the March 1 newsletter.

On that note, I need to work on a newsletter. Enjoy the weekend!

Till next week,




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