Setback? Make new deadlines …

This past week has been one of small progress, and a tremendous amount of pain to get there. But I made it through my first week back at work.

I finally got my manuscript back to the editor for the last round of edits. Hopefully, a quick turn over, and Eternal Embrace will be on the desk of my publisher for March 6. In the meantime, I’m going over A Destiny Denied and apply what I’ve learned, correcting grammatical errors and strengthening POV’s (the dreaded Point of View). I need to finish that one before I start on Blindsided, book 4 of The Kindred series. I’ve got a novella and several short stories that are going to keep me busy the rest of the year. Seems my goal is to finish all the stories so I can get them published.

One of the author hats I now wear, and there are many, is the one for promoting and marketing. I’ve got that one out for this weekend. I need to get on track with getting the word out on Eternal Embrace’s upcoming release. I’ve got some work to do on my newsletter too. To entice subscriptions, I’m putting together a package for one lucky reader. Since Mardi Gras and my birthday are so close together this year, I decided to celebrate by giving away a Kindle Fire and a beautiful Mardi Gras mask, among other goodies. If you want to enter, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find the Sign Up box to my newsletter.

I also have one other important detail to take care of this weekend, and that’s to post reviews. I’ve read a few amazing books and not only do I want to let the author know how much I enjoyed their books, I also want to let other readers know too. Believe me, reviews mean everything to the author. Amazon keeps track of the number of reviews and when a writer gets a certain amount, they start promoting the book. So, if you’ve read a book that you truly enjoyed, please leave a review. It doesn’t need to be long or wax poetic, a simple “I loved it” will do nicely. Please take a moment out of your busy life and leave a review.

Until next week,

~ Madison



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