Making it work …

This past week has been a struggle. I have been fighting my body’s limitations in order to work on edits of Eternal Embrace. It’s been hard going, and it’s not over yet. My knee is not healed enough to allow me to sit at my desk for prolonged periods of time.

My daughter tried to rig up a table that would hold my desktop so I could use it while lying in bed. Thankfully I have a touchscreen, so I don’t have to deal with towers and extra parts. I love the convenience called wireless. While the set up was working, it wasn’t perfect. I kept waiting for the table to collapse and take my desktop with it. I finally gave up and we put it back on my writing table.I finally conceded that editing was only going to get done in several hour-long increments of a day. It was the best I could come up with.

This past Wednesday I had my two-week appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. I can go back to work on Monday, as long as I continue with my exercises. I’m not out of the woods yet, but the trail is clearly marked. I can do this.

Today, I broke down and bought a laptop. Maybe after the fact, but I’m in bed with my leg propped up as I write this blog. The way I look at it, whatever works. I need to get a handle on these edits as quickly as possible. I still have one round with my editor before the manuscript is sent to my publisher for her crack at it. My schedule is skewed but I think it’s still salvageable. No matter how I look at it, I’m on a mission. Eternal Embrace needs to get finished. Hopefully, my next blog will be news of another story taking precedence.

Until next week,





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