Let the countdown begin …

April 11, 2017. Mark it down in your calendar. It’s the release date of book two of The Kindred series, Eternal Embrace.

Here’s the part of writing/publishing that takes on whirlwind form. The copy is still with the editor, so I’m waiting to make final corrections and changes to the manuscript. The book cover is done and I’m patiently (not really) waiting for the Cover Reveal on Feb. 4. Now it’s promotion time. Getting the word out for the Cover Reveal and Release. I’ve got an author take-over scheduled, and I’ve talked to a few bloggers and promoters about helping me out. Several teasers are made, and I’m starting to order swag (starting with small things; rack cards and book marks). As soon as I get the finished manuscript done, I’ll be contacting another author to make a video trailer. Once again, I’m lining up those little yellow ducks and daring them to move.

And while all of this is going on, I’m revising book three, A Destiny Denied. I’ve also got plans to expand one of my short stories into a novella, and work on more short stories. I’m hoping to get some of these published later this year. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see how it all plays out. I see a sit-down with my publisher in the near future.

On top of everything, I’m preparing for surgery on Monday. I’m finally having my total knee replacement done. It’s something that is long overdue and I’ll be going in cheerfully, and with optimism. I’m determined to waltz through Houston and Phoenix in 2018. This is the beginning. According to my surgeon, my recovery time will be minimal, only two weeks. So, while I’m laid up with ice packs or the DVT machine he provided me with, I’ll be working. Hopefully, the timing will work out and I can finish up a round of edits on Eternal Embrace while I’m home.

Till next week,

~ Madison



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