On Your Mark….Get Set….Go!

We are now 5 days into the new year! New beginnings. New Possibilities. How cool is that? Every 365 days, we get a clean slate to write upon, to achieve the goals we didn’t quite manage last year, and to set new goals.

This year, I have 3 events, and will possibly be attending another event as a reader. My main goal is to finish the gosh darn book that I didn’t manage to get to press in the time frame I had planned. I also hope to get another book well on it’s way to being written. I have a story in mind. It’s one that had been vaguely outlined way before Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams was even thought of as possibly being publishable. The one person who helped me with seeing where this idea could go is anxiously waiting on it. There is also another story in the queue wanting it’s time at bat.

Sooooo…why only three signing events? I want to concentrate on my writing. I need to concentrate on my writing. Events take a lot of time, energy, and focus away from why it is I go to these events. If I am focused on one event to the next, I’m not going to get many books out, and I’m a slow writer anyway. I wish I could be faster. I envy those authors who can put out multiple books a year. That’s just not one of my gifts, and I’m alright with that…sorta…kinda…maybe. lol The year is full of possibilities. I may get more than one book out this year. I may not.

The Veiled Path to Destiny~The Veil Book 2 is closer to being done. I have not reached “The End” yet, but it’s closer everyday. Right now, I’m going to finish this post and get to writing more of that story. It’s the first item of business on my shiny new slate. What’s on your clean slate?

Until next week….Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e~Jolanthe~


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