The word is THE WORD


Normally I don’t put much fanfare into the changing of the guard from one year to the next, but 2016 was exhausting. I am ready for the fresh page…the clean slate…the new DO. Ya know?

Lots of changes ’round these here parts. We have permanently said goodbye to two authors here, have a third that is undetermined, and yet a fourth who has been on sabbatical for family issues almost half as long as the house has existed. And, you know what? ….it’s OKAY. Really. Eclectic Bard was born of a need for an experiential, co-operative effort, indie house. It has muddled through, and I dare say, managed to get some great titles out to the shelves of the voracious readers we love. To me, that’s a win…no matter what else…it’s a win.

No, I’m not Suzie Sunshine of the eternal optimists club. I’m a realist through and through. The thing is…the realist in me recognizes that sometimes, to navigate the waters, you have to pull the sail in and hold the rudder tight so you don’t drift. Those moments, you feel your way through, against, or with the current to arrive in calmer waters where the fish are biting.

So, those of us that remain will stay the course.

Perhaps…this will be the year that family issues resolve and we regain one of our founders. Perhaps too, this will be the year that not writing is more tormenting than trying again for our undecided wordsmith. Who knows. I know that I don’t.

Right now, I’m counting blessings. I have hit all but one writing deadline that I set for myself…and it was an aggressive one before it was taken. I ignored the realist, reached for the optimist I never claim to be, and said I think I can. I didn’t, but I came so close…and that too, is OKAY.

2017 is stacking up to be a good year writing and release wise because I pushed a little harder than I thought I could take. 2017 has multiple releases happening in the first quarter plus a couple days and I’m jacked out of my mind. 2017 has another ambitious writing agenda to it, and I’m tickled to see if I can pull it off.

A teacher ages ago once told me, “Plan your work and then work your plan.” I can’t say it better. 2017 is planned…now it’s time to work it.

What are you doing this year?


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