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Go with the flow …

This blog is going to be short and sweet. I went in Monday for a total knee replacement, and my days are filled with physical therapy, more exercises, and a lot more pain than anticipated. I had my other knee done nine years ago, so I basically knew what I was getting into. What I didn’t realize was how much more aggressive this surgery was going to be.My recovery schedule is being severely altered.

Thankfully, my employers are concerned about my welfare, and my job is not something I have to worry about.All I need to do is get better.

Totally grateful to my daughter, son-in-law, and sister; I am in capable hands and my needs are being seen to. My daughter, Jessica has rigged up a table so I can get to my computer from my bed and work on edits. I’m struggling to stay on schedule, and I’m going to do my best. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make all my goals this coming week.

Till next week,

~ Madison





The Great Book Escape

Have your social media feeds been filled to overflowing with negativity? Are you tired of the angry posts and name calling that convinces noone their point of view is valid? Do you need an escape from the vitriol? Step right up. I have just the thing for you. The Great Book Escape.

Take a break from the everyday. Travel to worlds you never knew existed all from the comfort of your favorite reading place. Take a peek at these books from the Authors of Eclectic Bard Books. Maybe you’ll discover a favorite new to you author.

For the Swingers scene in Boston, the anything goes quarterly party is the golden ticket to the inner circle. For Colb and Tangyr Mitras it is where they began, and where they expand their repertoire of fantasy fun. The players are many, the perspectives unique, and the possibilities endless. Whatever you want is there for the asking, if you leave your inhibitions at the door. What could you do in twelve hours?




Four women face their flaws, fears, and futures when they meet in person for the first time for a girl’s weekend in Las Vegas. Each gets a bit more than they bargained for as they get to know one another over three days in Sin City. Truths come out to prompt change as they learn that life is less about the cards in their hands than the way they play the game. In the end they realize that there is more about them alike than different and that anything is possible with friends who support their journeys. Three days, a Mexican revolutionary, and a Magic 8-ball that came along for the ride later, they each leave Las Vegas different than when they arrived. Sometimes what happens in Vegas can’t stay.

Torie Masters is a curvy, middle-aged, divorcee with a normal job and family life. Her penchant for paranormal romances leaves her longing for the day she will meet the man who will sweep her off of her feet. She’s been dreaming a long time.
Quinn McGrath is Liege Lord to a centuries old clan of shifters known as The Kindred. All have been promised a destined mate by the Goddess. He has all but given up finding his.
Sparks fly when Quinn meets Torie. Could his ‘Promised Soul’ finally be real? The eternal mates might not stand a chance as man and nature work against them. From assassination attempts to hurricanes, their future is put to the test across the globe.
Is their bond strong enough to see them through to forever?

Cyrenna thought she died the day she watched Tynan and his brothers jump through the banishment portal in an act of solidarity with Rigor. Little did she know that it would be the first of many deaths she would experience in her quest to claim his heart. She would surrender not only her immortal soul, but a mortal one repeatedly. Through a deal with the great Oracle, she has multiple mortal lifetimes to change the direction of her future and have a chance with Tynan. From the GenPei War in Japan and the Silk Road west, to Cromwell, the Three Kingdoms and modern times, she lives and dies repeatedly hoping to get her heart’s desire.

Near the end, she makes a misstep, breaks one of the rules of her covenant with the Oracle, and cannot return. The burden falls to Tynan and everything she was able to share with him to that point. The only thing that is absolute is her fervent hope that he will come, but there’s one big problem. Through it all, he doesn’t so much as know her name.

February 1950
The history of the world, past, present, and future, resides in the pages of a single book. It is handed to a new Keeper every thirty years. The book only reveals its contents, and remains constant for the chosen one, for anyone else, something changes if they touch it.
It’s been thirty years. Every available Custos, and able bodied member of White Diamond, have once again converged in New Orleans. The book is to be passed to a new Keeper on Mardi Gras Day.
Ashmael Nocte and his troupe come to make certain the exchange happens, to align the next guardian, and to keep them safe for the next thirty years. They had nearly failed before. They cannot repeat their mistakes.
The other group rallies to take the book and use it to change the world. They almost had it and the Keeper who could read it in 1890. In 1920 they botched every step and never had a chance. The book and the Keeper haven’t been seen since.

Things are not always simple or what they seem.
Daria McClaren is content. She has her dance school, her cousin Celine and the man of her dreams. Literally.
Iauron is uneasy. As the High King of the Fae, his chosen Queen Verisiel is calling to him, but he cannot find her. The court insists that she has crossed over. He is not so sure that is the case. He has searched every realm looking. Every realm, but the human one.
The race is on. Beyond the veil lie truths waiting to be revealed. Which one will have the courage to look? Will they be in time?

Until next week…Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e



The Bionic Woman…and other things I dare to be.

As many of you know…I’m in recovery mode. What started last April as a pain, has become a marathon course in varying degrees of how much I can actually handle. The meds are lovely, but they hijack my system sixty ways by noon and I’m afraid I can’t keep up with that.  Right now, I’m doing my best to ignore the throb and keep working without the chemical interference. mneh – I might be winning that.

I joked with several that I am now part Borg, or perhaps Terminator. lol. Maybe Bionic Woman would be better as I only have a couple seriously upgraded parts. The rest is the same ole me. The same half-sane, running 220 with my hair on fire, point me to the bar gal that always has more on the plate waiting to avalanche than there will ever be room for. I happen to love it that way. I can rest when it’s over…for now, I’m racing the clock that says ‘You can’t possibly’ and daring it to reconsider.

In my quest, and up next on the list is the newsletter foe that I thought I mastered until I tried to send it. I will get that remedied and you WANT to be on THIS LIST. ((The sign up is on my website-follow the link))  I have enough free tickets and other goodies to give out that there should be a prize or three in every single issue… Also, it’s where you’re going to get the first look at what’s coming next. The only people getting it sooner are my street team, and honestly…they’ve earned that.

So, here’s the only reminder you’ll get. 🙂 Sign up soon or miss the issue – there are LOADS of goodies going in and I’m excited to see who’s going to win. Will it be you??

open magic book, stories and educational stories floating


Let the countdown begin …

April 11, 2017. Mark it down in your calendar. It’s the release date of book two of The Kindred series, Eternal Embrace.

Here’s the part of writing/publishing that takes on whirlwind form. The copy is still with the editor, so I’m waiting to make final corrections and changes to the manuscript. The book cover is done and I’m patiently (not really) waiting for the Cover Reveal on Feb. 4. Now it’s promotion time. Getting the word out for the Cover Reveal and Release. I’ve got an author take-over scheduled, and I’ve talked to a few bloggers and promoters about helping me out. Several teasers are made, and I’m starting to order swag (starting with small things; rack cards and book marks). As soon as I get the finished manuscript done, I’ll be contacting another author to make a video trailer. Once again, I’m lining up those little yellow ducks and daring them to move.

And while all of this is going on, I’m revising book three, A Destiny Denied. I’ve also got plans to expand one of my short stories into a novella, and work on more short stories. I’m hoping to get some of these published later this year. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see how it all plays out. I see a sit-down with my publisher in the near future.

On top of everything, I’m preparing for surgery on Monday. I’m finally having my total knee replacement done. It’s something that is long overdue and I’ll be going in cheerfully, and with optimism. I’m determined to waltz through Houston and Phoenix in 2018. This is the beginning. According to my surgeon, my recovery time will be minimal, only two weeks. So, while I’m laid up with ice packs or the DVT machine he provided me with, I’ll be working. Hopefully, the timing will work out and I can finish up a round of edits on Eternal Embrace while I’m home.

Till next week,

~ Madison


Make New Friends but Keep the Old…

There is a song I learned in the Girl Scouts…quit laughing…I was a good Brownie and then Girl Scout. 😛  Anyway, the song…“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold…”

I recently had a wonderful chat with a group of ladies who I have known for a various number of years. Once upon a time, we were in daily contact, but life marches on and our paths have gone in different directions. There is a bond between us, though, that time cannot diminish or dull its sparkle. It felt good, like a small void created by the distance had been refilled.

True friendship does not need constant attention and tending. True friendship knows that sometimes life gets busy and the lines of communication grow lax. I think it’s important to remember the friends who knew you years ago. Who were there for you when the chips were down, who helped you keep your sanity with the world was spinning out of control and they were ALWAYS there to throw you a life line. I love my friends. My new ones and most especially my old ones.

Until next week…Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e

Norco & novocaine

Today was the day- Maxillofacial reconstructive surgery part I.

Results will be known by early summer. Right now, I’m just trying to stay ahead of the heartbeat in my face. I promise, a better post when I’ve have a chance to rebound a bit.

Until then – read something good.


My Experience at Comic Con

Last week, I promised you details of my weekend at Comic Con. Thinking back on it, I fear the best I can do are highlights. I’m afraid I can’t take up that much space on this blog to tell you everything.

Living an hour outside of New Orleans, I opted to drive back and forth, rather than the expense of a hotel. It might have been a smart decision, IF I drove a small vehicle. I happen to drive a large SUV, and went through a half tank of gas for the round trip each day. Winters are mild in this part of the country, except for those three days. As luck would have it, we hit winter during Comic Con. A day long torrential downpour with temps in the 20’s. For us, it was brutal. For me driving in the mess, miserable.

A crucial blow to my weekend was finding out my tablemate wasn’t going to be there after all. David has Stage 4 cancer. He really wanted to do Comic Con, because he thought it would be fun. Unfortunately, his health took a turn for the worse and he ended up in ICU. My prayers are with him and his family. The first day, his daughter, Mary Beth joined us. The next day, his partner, Joe Ferina helped out. My dear friend and head minion, Stephanie was a godsend for me. She manned the table for me so I could stretch my legs, and use the bathroom. She did coffee and food runs for me. And best of all, if I saw someone pass in an interesting costume, she chased them down and got their picture. We ended up with an incredible album of pics. You can see them on my Facebook page Photo Album.

To be fair, I had a blast at Comic Con. I met a lot of interesting people; attendees, vendors, and even a celebrity or two. I was awed by the people who came by my table just to chat and thank me for writing. A few bought books or a phoenix necklace I designed. I even had a couple of men buy my book. At first, I figured it was for their significant other, but no, they asked me to sign the book for them. That really tickled me to no end. The entire weekend was fun filled. I was amazed that every single person who passed by my table made eye contact with me, smiled and said hello. EVERY SINGLE PERSON! I’ve never seen so many happy people before. It was a surreal experience.

It was a magical weekend, and one I won’t soon forget. Will I go again? Most definitely. Will I go as an artist to work the Con? Probably not. It’s not the marketing niche I need and want. I was approached and invited to attend a SciFi Con in October. I’ll think long and hard before I decide one way or the other. For now, I’m going to relish the memories and focus on writing.

Till next week,

~ Madison

Note: On January 11, 2017 David W. Moore, III passed away after a long battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife, Amelia and daughter, Mary Beth. You will be sorely missed, my friend.


So Many Books…So Little Time

Once upon a time, it wasn’t unusual for me to read at least 3-4 books a week. Anymore, I’m lucky to read a book a month. Writing has taken over my free time, and I wouldn’t change that, but I really…REALLY…miss reading. The lack of reading time, however, hasn’t stemmed my book buying. Nope. I still buy the books of my favorite authors, and my shelves are full of books that are waiting to be read. How many books are on your to be read bookshelf?

I have promised myself that once The Veiled Path to Destiny is in the hands of the readers, I would take the time to catch up on my reading. In the meantime…there is writing to be done and a story to be told.

Until next week…Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e

Taming a dragon

I finally took the plunge and invested in speech recognition software. Interesting is as apt a descriptor as any. I can’t decide how I feel about it yet. I do know however that the office door will be closed far more often. My dragon has sensitive ears and evidently the house is noisy. Funny, I have always considered it quiet. Wonder if that’s a message I should be hearing?

I have discovered that my m’s and n’s need clearer enunciation as well. I suppose we all have something like this…I hadn’t noticed though until my dragon could not clearly define a few words. In that respect, the dragon has already been helpful.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you this, and the answer is I have no idea. 🙂

Actually, it is perhaps for some perspective. I have once again proposed an extremely aggressive schedule for this writing year and am hoping that the ability to dictate books and leave my hands free will help with production of the things I have decided to take on. HOPE being the operative word. I have decided to give it a month or two to see how it goes.

Once again, I have 8+ events on the agenda for this year and have been tagged or sent info on a couple of others. I LOVE getting out to events to meet readers and talk shop with the other folks trying to bang out stories…but, it back logs me nearly every time as I get no writing done, or deadlines get shuffled.

Right now, on my calendar in addition to the events I’ve already mentioned, I have a handful of releases to coordinate for other authors of the house here, I have 2 box sets/anthologies that I’m participating with for April release and a couple of others I’m waiting to hear on for fall, I have 3 releases of my own that I’m working on for 2017, and after talking to a co-author from a previous release, there have been quite a few enquiries about where a few story lines might go and if there is a possible spin-off to be done…the short answer there is I don’t know. It will take some time and careful consideration, which means shuffling priorities to squeeze in. What’s a girl to do?

Being an author is so much more than stringing together words anymore…even those who are contracted with the big houses are finding that more and more of the responsibilities are falling into their laps. A writer is a writer…but also a PR person, a marketer, perhaps a designer for swag, covers, or clothing, a financial consultant trying to manage the budget to go to events or not, buy pens or paper swag, redo a cover, buy an ad, afford a promotional price reduction…the list is enormous.

Being a writer nowadays is like trying to tame a dragon – from the front end while the fire is on the tip of their tongues, the heat is oppressive, and the changes of being incinerated never quite die off. It is exhilarating and exhausting, exciting and yet terrifying. There is no drug like it, and no adrenaline rush can quite compare to the feeling when you pull yourself out of the free fall scant millimeters from face-planting thirty seconds before the deadline expires. Me? I’m well singed and a bit crisp in places, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Whirlwind weekend

As you read this, I’m already set up in New Orleans at the Wizard World Comic Con. The three-day event kicked off Friday afternoon at 5:00 and will end Sunday at 4:00 pm. I opted to drive back and forth to New Orleans, rather than stay at a hotel. I’ll let you know next weekend if I survived the commute.

Today’s post will be short, because I’m writing before the event actually starts. Next week’s post will be full of details and a link to some great pictures, hopefully. I received word that my table mate, David Moore, won’t be there. Unfortunately, his health took a turn for the worse. His daughter, Mary Beth has stepped in and will take over book sales for him.

My head minion, Stephanie, will be with me for two of the three days. She has assisted me before at signings and has been a tremendous help. I’ll be sending her out armed with my phone for candid pics of a few favorite celebrities who are supposed to make appearances.  Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries), Dave Bautista (WWE and Guardians of the Galaxy), Stephen Amell (Arrow), James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) are just a few that will be there this weekend. I’ll be working my table, but I’m going to slip out and mingle when I get a chance.

I’ll be stocked with copies of Phoenix Rising and some phoenix jewelry I designed. If you’re in NOLA, stop by Comic Con and come see me. Oh, almost forgot with all the excitement going on. Eternal Embrace, book two of the Kindred series will be released April 11! A cover reveal will be coming soon. I promise to keep you posted when I pin down a definite date.

Till next week,

~ Madison