Deadlines, and other dirty words

For all the curse words that I know, none strikes more dread than the ‘big D’ word, Deadline. I have, for all intents and purposes, driven myself bonkers trying to stay on point amid copious distractions. As the end draws up though, I have, as I always do, that huge fear that I’m going to miss. This one, and the next 3 are no different.

As is always the case, life happens.

This year has been exponentially difficult. The things we saw coming and the ones we never expected to take place. Still, the big D comes when it is scheduled and there is seldom wiggle room. Sitting at the computer transcribing page after page of scribbles seems to be a betrayal of sorts to family and friends who need me, or who want nothing more than to sit through a marathon of Bones…yes, it’s a guilty pleasure to stoically watch a screen for no other reason than because the person on the sofa next to me is home.

I’m not really a television or movie aficionado, more I am an addict to the notion that time is the greater gain. Laughing at antics that have been put before us on the screen are merely a way to quench the need. And, sometimes, that too is not enough.

But, here I sit, typing away because I’ve left it to chance that I would not finish and that is inexcusable. It is however the nature of me. I am not the writer cursed with hitting the dreaded wall time over time. No, I am the writer who finds ten thousand reasons to wait another day and put off for tomorrow because today will never come again. Procrastination my friends, is real and a vicious adversary.

As with many times before now, I have waited again too long to take up the long bow and slay this dragon. As with other times before though, when the time is ripe with strife and worry, I find that I can and will do what needs doing to make this battle another strike to the win column. That said, I have about fifty pages left to go, and there is no time left to dawdle, so I’m off to do what needs doing. See you on the other side of ‘Then End.’


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