My latest & greatest

Some of you know me for the organizational freak that I am. I have taught organization and ‘time management’ in the corporate world for decades now. I have a bit of an OCD problem in this arena, but in a good way. I am always on the lookout for the next best way to keep things on track.

My latest idea came waiting in line to check out at the Walmart. They have had the school supplies overflow sitting in the aisle for weeks, nay months now. I glance through most trips just to see if they’ve added anything useful, composition books or folders or something like that. I picked up a fabulous zippered spiral bound thing a few weeks ago, and because the packaging was ripped, got the 750 sheet count reams of printer/copier paper for 2 bucks a pop. HUGE WIN! (…which by the way, made the mileage to the Walmart for eggs a tax write off for business supply shopping.)

This last trip, I was standing waiting for a price check for the person at the front and noticed the clear zippered pencil pouches when inspiration struck. I am forever writing sticky notes to myself and have a half-dozen or more receipts in my wallet at any given moment…VOILA. Organization for the little bits! I snatched up an even dozen of the buggers at 2 for $0.25.

I have one in my briefcase or backpack and one in the car, as well as have one for each event that is on my agenda for next year all ready to go and starting to collect bits. They have already been worth the buck and a half I spent in that I’ve been able to keep track of the pieces and corral others for events that haven’t happened yet. They are easy to identify the contents, and also size-wise fit beautifully into the larger file with my spreadsheets for taxes.

I can easily clean out the ones from my case or car and sort them to where they need to go in the tax file at any given point and don’t have the sometimes challenge of wondering where a receipt has disappeared to in the void at the bottom of my purse. This makes credit card and bank statement reconciliation a breeze for the monthly tax files. I am quite excited at the new way to use an easy to find item that makes my world run smoother.

Like with any organization tip, the success depends on the use, but if being easy to zip open, drop slips of paper in, and zip closed again something that can sit neatly between the seat and the console is helpful…this is a great option. Pick ones with designs or go plain…make it fun and you’ll be more likely to implement it.

Hope this idea helps someone out there. What’s your best organizational tip?




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