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Deadlines, and other dirty words

For all the curse words that I know, none strikes more dread than the ‘big D’ word, Deadline. I have, for all intents and purposes, driven myself bonkers trying to stay on point amid copious distractions. As the end draws up though, I have, as I always do, that huge fear that I’m going to miss. This one, and the next 3 are no different.

As is always the case, life happens.

This year has been exponentially difficult. The things we saw coming and the ones we never expected to take place. Still, the big D comes when it is scheduled and there is seldom wiggle room. Sitting at the computer transcribing page after page of scribbles seems to be a betrayal of sorts to family and friends who need me, or who want nothing more than to sit through a marathon of Bones…yes, it’s a guilty pleasure to stoically watch a screen for no other reason than because the person on the sofa next to me is home.

I’m not really a television or movie aficionado, more I am an addict to the notion that time is the greater gain. Laughing at antics that have been put before us on the screen are merely a way to quench the need. And, sometimes, that too is not enough.

But, here I sit, typing away because I’ve left it to chance that I would not finish and that is inexcusable. It is however the nature of me. I am not the writer cursed with hitting the dreaded wall time over time. No, I am the writer who finds ten thousand reasons to wait another day and put off for tomorrow because today will never come again. Procrastination my friends, is real and a vicious adversary.

As with many times before now, I have waited again too long to take up the long bow and slay this dragon. As with other times before though, when the time is ripe with strife and worry, I find that I can and will do what needs doing to make this battle another strike to the win column. That said, I have about fifty pages left to go, and there is no time left to dawdle, so I’m off to do what needs doing. See you on the other side of ‘Then End.’


Being thankful …

The Thanksgiving holidays are supposed to be full of time spent with family and friends, giving thanks for the blessings in your life. And if you have that scenario in your life, you are truly blessed. I am no different, I have family and I spend every Thanksgiving with them. I’m grateful for each and every one of them, and am glad they’re a part of my life.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have personal disappointments, however. My battle is to not let those stormy clouds overtake my rays of sunshine. As I get older, the battle gets harder. My sense of mortality seems to hover closer to the surface, and I realize what truly means the most to me. I prefer to spend time with those I love the most, doing what really makes me happy. And when those special people make excuses to back out of plans, it hurts. But it’s my pain, and my problem. So, I smile through the tears, and go on like it’s no big deal. Familiar scenario? Yeah, we all go through it at one time or another. As the saying goes, this too shall pass.

Today, I find myself stuffing my hurt feelings back into that dark corner, and focusing on all the other blessings in my life. Because I truly do have a lot to be thankful for. This past year alone has been full of joyful moments that have made my heart happy. And I have more good times ahead of me. I’m making sure of it, because it’s how I prefer to live my life.

I hope your holiday was a good one. I hope you ate too much, laughed too hard, and shopped for the best deals. And when the evening closed around you, I hoped you shared it with a loved one or a good book. Most of all, I hope you smiled.

Till next week,

~ Madison


Happy Thanksgiving

Today, in the US is Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives. I am thankful for so many things, a roof over my head, food on the table, family and friends, the gift of putting words on a page and creating a story, and a publisher who is tolerant, but most of all…I am grateful for my son who shows me every single day the meaning of unconditional love. There is no greater gift than that.

If you are in the US, I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is spent with those you love and hold dear. May your blessings be more than your woes.

Until next week…Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Chocolate, Caffeine, Cola & Scotch

I have a wicked migraine that is kicking my ass. I am severely sleep deprived for reasons I’d rather not publish as they have to do with a child and her circle…but the crazy is interfering with my sleep and thus, but brain is in full out rebellion.  I have several projects that must be finished asap so I’m sending out a call for best migraine solutions and how to get worth while sleep on a short schedule. I’m afraid the clock is against me now.

No more excuses …

I have to admit I haven’t done much in the way of writing this week. I finished revisions, once again, on Eternal Embrace. Next step is the oral read. Once I finish with that part, the only thing remaining will be sending it off to the editor in December. I was supposed to start my oral reading this past Monday. I still haven’t done it. *hangs head* First, there’s the interruptions, daughter or granddaughter pokes their head into my room,

“Who are you talking to?”

“No one, I’m reading.”

“Out loud?”

“Yes, out loud. To see if I made any mistakes.”

That look. “Ohhh.”

They know about the oral read. I’ve explained it to them before. I still get the look. I feel like an idiot.

Or there’s the other scenario. I read with emotion. I laugh out loud at the funny parts. I cry like a baby at the sad parts. By the time I’m done, I’m an emotional wreck.

I know it’s going to happen. Do you wonder now why I’m putting it off? But it’s the weekend, and I have no excuses. It’s time to buckle down, and get it done. I’ll have some free time next week with the Thanksgiving holidays, and I want to work on my project. Time to clean my slate.

Until next week,

~ Madison


Try Something New

Anyone who knows me knows I LOOOOOATHE shopping for clothes. Drop me off at a bookstore and I’m a happy camper for days, but drop me off at a clothing store and I can think of a million other things I’d rather be doing.

I like leggings. They’re comfy and they’re warmer to wear under long sweaters than tights. The other week I discovered these uber soft leggings. Mind you, I usually stuck to the solid colored ones, black being the predominate color. However, these uber soft leggings I found were not black and had a small paisley design all over them. I bought them. It took me two weeks to convince myself that I could get away with wearing them and I LOOOOOVED them! Who knew? Now I want more!

I guess the point of this post is this….you never know what you will or will not like unless you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, and that could include trying new foods, new fashions, or even reading a new to you genre. Whatever it is, it’s alright to step out of your comfort area once in awhile…who knows, you just might like where that step leads you.

Until next week….Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e


My latest & greatest

Some of you know me for the organizational freak that I am. I have taught organization and ‘time management’ in the corporate world for decades now. I have a bit of an OCD problem in this arena, but in a good way. I am always on the lookout for the next best way to keep things on track.

My latest idea came waiting in line to check out at the Walmart. They have had the school supplies overflow sitting in the aisle for weeks, nay months now. I glance through most trips just to see if they’ve added anything useful, composition books or folders or something like that. I picked up a fabulous zippered spiral bound thing a few weeks ago, and because the packaging was ripped, got the 750 sheet count reams of printer/copier paper for 2 bucks a pop. HUGE WIN! (…which by the way, made the mileage to the Walmart for eggs a tax write off for business supply shopping.)

This last trip, I was standing waiting for a price check for the person at the front and noticed the clear zippered pencil pouches when inspiration struck. I am forever writing sticky notes to myself and have a half-dozen or more receipts in my wallet at any given moment…VOILA. Organization for the little bits! I snatched up an even dozen of the buggers at 2 for $0.25.

I have one in my briefcase or backpack and one in the car, as well as have one for each event that is on my agenda for next year all ready to go and starting to collect bits. They have already been worth the buck and a half I spent in that I’ve been able to keep track of the pieces and corral others for events that haven’t happened yet. They are easy to identify the contents, and also size-wise fit beautifully into the larger file with my spreadsheets for taxes.

I can easily clean out the ones from my case or car and sort them to where they need to go in the tax file at any given point and don’t have the sometimes challenge of wondering where a receipt has disappeared to in the void at the bottom of my purse. This makes credit card and bank statement reconciliation a breeze for the monthly tax files. I am quite excited at the new way to use an easy to find item that makes my world run smoother.

Like with any organization tip, the success depends on the use, but if being easy to zip open, drop slips of paper in, and zip closed again something that can sit neatly between the seat and the console is helpful…this is a great option. Pick ones with designs or go plain…make it fun and you’ll be more likely to implement it.

Hope this idea helps someone out there. What’s your best organizational tip?



When life throws a curve ball …

Just when you’re settled in for a slow and easy ride, something comes along and throws you a curve ball. I had it all planned out.

  • Finish revisions on Eternal Embrace.
  • Send to the editor and cover artist late December
  • Finalize and send to publisher
  • Work on video trailer and promos
  • Release, hopefully in March

No rush, no stress, no huge pressure. I have plenty of time to get it all done, and still start on a project I have in mind. Then I got the call. Or rather, the Facebook post. Would I be interested in sharing a table at Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans this coming January? O M G … first off, the person that asked sent me squealing. David Moore, author of The Shroud. Which happens to have been picked up by Lion’s Gate to be filmed. Serious fangirling on my part. Then, there’s Wizard World Comic Con … are you kidding me? Three days of geekdom runs wild! This is going to rock!

So, while I’m bouncing off the walls with excitement, I still need to hunker down and finish revisions, order more books and supplies to make more swag. Yeah, I’ve roped myself to a beam, and I’m slowly pulling myself in. There’s work to be done.

The next couple of months are always busy ones because of the holidays. I’m sure it’s like that for you too. Don’t forget to take a break now and then to regroup. A good book is the greatest of escapes. Enjoy one, or three. And when you’re making out that Christmas list, don’t forget the book lovers in your life. Nothing is more appreciated than a good story.

Till next week,

~ Madison


Book Escape-cation

The election is finally over. Do I think the right candidate won? It doesn’t matter. Just like it doesn’t matter to me if you think the “right” candidate won or not. I believe EVERYONE is entitled to the own opinions and their own beliefs.

It’s disheartening to see and hear the anger and hate born out of the “if you don’t agree with me, think as I think,  and do as I do” mentality. I’d rather not become a member of the Borg Collective, thank you.

What’s my suggestion for distancing oneself from the hate and anger being spewed around until tempers and emotions calm down? A Book Escape-cation! Slip away from the everyday into a realm of infinite possibilities in a book of your choice. I bet you’ll feel better for it.

Until next week….Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e


Resistance is futile.

I can do a great many things. Marketing however, is not my strong suit. I have learned and expanded the cadre of my knowledge over the past few years, and gotten better too, but I still have a lot to learn. I have also learned when it’s time to call in the cavalry.

As such, I took a leap and retained the marketing assistance of someone who knows far more than I can hope to learn in the next five years…so let’s see how this goes eh? Starting tomorrow…I’ll have a whole lot more going on than the election. 😉

I finally managed to get my personal website back up too. Mind you, a few pages are still under construction, but it’s up and you can register for my mailing list there. I’ll get the blog, gallery, and book pages up and running soon, but I have a deadline I need to hit for words first. 😉

THANKS for sticking with me on the rollercoaster of my writing career! I look forward to seeing you somewhere out and about soon.


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