Learnin with my pants on fire

I have been diligently trying to get my personal mailing list off the ground. The first hurdle was the website however because although I have had my website for quite a while, and although the DNS mapping has been fixed more than once…once again, the DNS mapping was off and so YAY….my website was returning with either a 404 Page not found error, or a page is not responding error. Hooorah.

The first wave of remedy was to try to contact the host – no one available to chat…ain’t it always the way, so I sent an email. NO RESPONSE…shocker there too. Wave two…contact the company where I bought my domain….voila!!! PRANG! Someone who not only has time to talk to me, but also understands my laymen explanations for what’s going on…YAY ME! By the end of it all, I’ve switched hosts for the website, but unfortunately, have to rebuild it…so I’ve been playing in web-based insanity the last 36 hours.

Hopefully, in the short future, the page will be sufficient to at least be out there and stuff. I can add content later…AFTER I’ve figured out how to the set up stuff. Until next time….as it’s all hallow’s eve…Blessed Samhain & Happy Halloween.


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