When words fail

Friday shocked me. Someone extremely dear to me was gone, just like that. She had fought bravely to overcome a diagnosis and been given the ‘all clear,’ that she was in remission. Days later, it seems that was not the truth. Or it if were, that it didn’t mean what we thought it meant.

Those of us around her are in shock and there are no words to give. There is no easy explanation, and really? At this point, does an explanation change anything? no. I have to step away from my normal social media routine to grapple with the emotions, and yes, the challenge to my faith as I, and others, deal with the unimaginable…how to go forward now with an empty chair in her place.

I know I am not alone with this. I know that others too have had to face this scenario. I do not post to set upon my pity pot…but rather to remind that the last of our days is never known until it is past. Make them count.


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