Darkness is only one unknown

They say we are afraid of the darkness because it is a vivid realization of the unknown before us. Darkness however is not the only unknown. There are plenty, though we couch them in softer words.

Last night, my daughter’s car would not start. For me this was an unknown, but not a fear unless you count the nervous moments waiting to know that she was safely back inside, no longer alone, and waiting for someone to pick her up. This morning, the car also did not start, a major headache, but again not a fear…just an annoyance.

Another example is that I am working on a Paranormal FF piece for an anthology…not exactly in my normal wheelhouse, but I’ll give it a go. Fear? No, more uncertainty at the piece being passable for the larger work. I never want to be seen as the weakest link. All of these are unknowns of a sort, but they are not fears unless I allow them to be.

What’s my point? My point is I think the presumption is wrong. I don’t think we are afraid of the dark because it represents the unknown. I think some are afraid of the darkness because they know what lies within it. The power over us does not stem from the darkness or the unknown…it is the things that we know and hold closest to our heart that have the power to undo us.

Halloween is coming…will you venture out in the dark?



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