Go out with a BANG!

This past Saturday was my last live signing event of 2016. I didn’t realize how ready I was for it to end until it was done, but wow, what a way to go!! Kimberly Beale and her staff put on an incredible inaugural Glass City event, and set a high bar for years to come. KUDOS to them!!

I got to hang with so many readers and authors that I’ve encountered at other events over the last 12 – 15 months or so, I sometimes didn’t know which way I was going trying to keep up dancing on the fringe of all the groups. It was a whirlwind, in all the best ways. Catching up with friends from Kalamazoo and New Orleans from last year as well as Atlanta, Savannah, Peoria, and Biloxi from earlier this year…it was like a big year in review reunion and so much fun my sides still hurt. Unequivocally the best way to wrap up my 2016 signing year.

I still have more than a handful of author takeovers and other online events to go, but the travel is done for now and I’m grateful for that, as is my car. New tires, battery, brakes, coil spring, and a gas tank/under suspension mount is more than enough maintenance for one year. I think we’re both ready for the break. 🙂

I have some editing coming in, some writing going out, and have the time now to work with a new designer I met at Penned to see what we can put together for some ideas that are pinging my brain. The weather is crisp and ripe for the leaves to start their change-over, a time that always mellows me out to write, and I have only a short list of projects around the house left to distract me, a significant change from the first half of the year where everything came in slamming droves.

2017 is shaping up to be busy, but in different ways that ’16 was. I look forward to the challenge, but can wait for their arrival. For now, I’m pulling the string on the party-popper for my 2016 signing season. Thanks for the memories.



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