Last Road Trip

I have one last road trip to a book signing this coming weekend. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited and was over the moon when I managed to get off the wait-list to attend.

This week, though, has been totally crazy busy. I’ve been staying off of social media for the most part and pounding out words on my WIP at the little writing area I set up in my room. Frankly, though I hardly watched it in the living room, the TV was always on providing background noise and was too often a distraction. There are no such distractions in my room. Just the occasional pop in in from the child wanting to know what I’m writing. He seems satisfied with the fact that it’s not for him and not an explanation of what it actually is. lol

Anyway…I need to get back to the writing thing and sometime in the next day or two, pack for the last road trip of the year with my bestie. If you’re in the Toledo area on Saturday, stop by the Glass City Author Event at the Toledo Seagate Convention Center, 401 Jefferson Ave, Toledo, Ohio.

Until Next Week…Happy Reading!



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