Changing things up

The event season is over for me. I am always a little sad when my last event for the season is over. This year was a little different because I ended up not getting to go to my last event. The brakes went out on my car a week before the event. The ABS system went out and that is a very expensive repair. The cost of that repair prevented me from making the trip.

When the season is coming to an end I let my stock of swag slowly dwindle down. By the time I finish my last event I am usually down to very little swag left. I do this on purpose. The reason is that every year during my off season I change up my swag. This is exciting for me. I love to look through all the swag available and decide what I will have for the next year.

I have already decided what I will be ordering and I will use the off season to take my time and slowly order and get a little at a time and stock up for next year. I am only keeping a couple of things that I have had from the beginning. I am adding some things that I am really excited about for next year. Sorry, no spoilers you will have to wait and see!

As much as you love to see all the swag that is on our tables, it is just as much fun for me to find and design it. I have to admit that I don’t make any of my swag. I am not that creative or crafty. I may decide to try it at some point but as of now I have not been that brave. I love to work with the person I order it from (who is amazing to work with) and get the finished product shipped to me 🙂  Not everyone can be crafty that is why there are people that run the swag sites LOL

Until next week


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