So Close I Can Taste It

Penned Con 2016 is 22 hours away, wait no it’s 21 hours now.


Welcome to our fair city!

A few words of advice:

  • don’t park your cars on the streets downtown.
  • be sure to check out the zoo.
  • don’t forget to try St. Louis foods – toasted ravioli,  gooey butter cake(I personally hate this but most people like it.)
  • Make time to  try Ted Drewes –  voted the #1 Best place for ice cream!
  • Be prepared for any kind of weather. IF you’re here longer than 4 hours the weather is bound to change!
  • Visit the arch. You haven’t experienced terror until you are  swaying at the top during strong winds!

Yesterday I packed, unpacked, and repacked my tub at least 3 times. I ran to the store, obtained chocolate to have at my table, and chocolate and wine for a prize basket. I got my hair cut –  or butchered as it turns out. I rewarded myself with a manicure,  then because I hit a goal for my weight loss I splurged on a pedicure. I’d pay them $100.00 for an hour in that chair. OMFG!  That was better than a massage. I think I need a smoke!

So, today I am tidying things at home waiting for my assistant to  arrive so we can head north to set up. While waiting,  I have  ingested  much caffeine, and just as much sugar in the form of my favorite little round treats, skittles. Considering I haven’t had any sugar for the past three weeks,  I am super buzzed. Who needs alcohol? I swear I can FEEL the rainbow! I’d be willing to bet I could carry this tub to the 13th floor taking the stairs! I won’t, I’m not supposed to be lifting anything over twenty pounds.

I’ve laid out my outfits five times at least.  OH right, laundry. I might need underclothes that are dry.  Savannah an Jolanthe are already on the road heading  in this direction. I’m going to head north   in late afternoon. The bad thing is I’ll be right in the middle of rush hour traffic. The good thing is, most of the drivers will be heading out of the city.

There will be pictures to follow from PEnned. Unfortunately I won’t be able to upload them until afterwards.

Hope to see as many of you as can make it!

Till next time,






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