Daily Archives: August 29, 2016

Epic Fail

As some of you may know, I declared on Friday that I was taking the weekend off. It gave me fits to write it, and I never managed to actually say it out loud. The notion of not working or doing something is not in my arcana.

True to prediction, I failed miserably. I managed to do Friday night dinner and the gym, but that was the end of the not working bit. I woke up Saturday to an incredible invitation/opportunity and spent the rest of the day ferreting out if I could take it. Suffice to say, I said ‘Yes’ and so begins the next season of my busy plate. I’ve added yet another book to the agenda before the year concludes, so if you don’t see me much – just send coffee and good juju. I’ve taken on an epic load. I know, I know…you’re not surprised.

I spent the rest of the weekend doing laundry, shopping, setting up the canning racks and shelves for this years installment of ‘squirrel’s work,’ and made a vat of Skinny soup for the week of detox. All in all, I didn’t write much, but I did allow my brain free reign while I did other things. I think that might be as close to not working as I am going to manage, ever.

So, what did you do with your liberation from Monday to Friday? Shout out!! I’ll be checking in….