Stretching my wings …

This past week has been a good one for me. I was given an opportunity to stretch myself as a writer. I was offered a project; simple, quick and clean. Could I do it? Sure, didn’t sound too difficult. Clincher; Could I do it in a designated time frame? I stopped and thought hard. I wanted this one. This little project would get my name out to a reader base that I wouldn’t ordinarily have.This was a chance to show readers that I have a bit of versatility in my writing. Let’s be honest, this was a chance to prove to myself that I could take a tiny speck of an idea and flesh it out into a story. I accepted.

My project should be wrapped up today. That will leave the revisions and getting it ready to be submitted. I have to admit that I enjoyed writing this one. It was a fast and fun project, and the story came to me out of nowhere. Sometimes I surprise myself. That character that showed up in my dreams last week had his chance and I have to say, he ran with it and scored. It’s easy to write when you really, really like the main characters. And I like this pair. Who knows, they may have to show up again somewhere down the line. 😉

On another note, I already mentioned that Phoenix Rising was nominated for a SIBA in the Romance division. I got word that it was also nominated in the Paranormal division. One book, two nominations makes for a thrilled author!

Time to get back to my little project. As soon as I finish that one, it’s back to revisions on His Eternal Promise. Gotta stay busy, it keeps me out of trouble.

Enjoy your week and as always, read a good book and leave a review!

Till next week,




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