A Path Less Traveled

Girl Wearing Walking Boots Hiking Up A Mountain

Sometimes  it is good to take a step back and reevaluate. Are you where you want to be? Is the plan taking you in the direction of your dreams? Did you take a wrong turn   at Memphis?

I’ve been working  on a project that has caused me to do that, step back and evaluate where I am , where I want to be, and how much progress I have made in the direction of my dream.  *SIGH* How did I get so far off course from my original plan?

It’s ironic that life imitates fiction. Or in my case, imitates my plans for one of my stories. I make outlines, detailed in places, fuzzy in others.  I don’t always know details for a specific point, but I have  a plan. As I progress, I reach a point during the writing that I have to wad up the rest of the  plan and start over.

That’s been the way my life has gone as well.  I make a plan,  then  intend to follow the plan  until I reach a point that it’s obviously not working.  Time to wad that one up and toss in the trash bin. While working on this project I realized how far I’ve deviated from the original plan, the secondary plan, and even the tertiary plan.

I could throw up my hands and yell to the sky why bother or I can knuckle down and plot a new course. I’ll bet you can’t  guess which one I’m doing.  I will say that the scenery is ever changing. I am not  watching the same trees go by day after day. I’m not taking the same route. I haven’t mapped out the entire route yet, but I have my destination marked and  have made blocks of the entire trip. Currently, I’m working on a detailed mapping of the first block, getting back onto the main road.

I get overwhelmed by the big picture at times and lose my way. I am a detail oriented person. I work best with smaller sections at a time. Besides, If I plotted out the entire route from here to my final destination, I would end up taking several side roads and changing the  course anyway.

The thing about an outline, it’s a guideline. It’s the rough sketch that gives the artist a basic skeletal structure for their masterpiece.  My course is in pencil, roughly sketched. If it were in pen, I would  feel conflicted about having to follow the inked lines.  I wouldn’t do it,  I’d feel guilty about not doing it, but it wouldn’t change the fact that everything is fluid and I would be moving in the general direction of the  graphite line.

Life is an adventure that is meant to be an exciting journey, not  a network of rails that take us only along the major lines, never exploring the hills and valleys. Those hills and valleys are where the treasures lie, where the masses do not travel.  Mass transit is ok at times, but lacing up those hiking boots and experiencing the warmth of the sun on your skin, the brisk morning air, or even that nasty spider web that you walked into are moments that you can never get on the commuter train. I’m takingthee path less traveled.

The next part of my personal journey happens to be up a steep hill. It’s going to be hard work. It is a difficult climb, but I can’t wait to see the view from the top.

Where is your plan taking you? Is it in the direction you want to go? Do you need to readjust your course?

Until next time, write on!





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