Day one of the hostage situation

Ahhhh Monday…day one of the hostage situation, and the day when there is doubt aplenty that anyone will make it out alive.  Or, maybe that’s just me.

The weekend is a mad blur, and though I know I got things done, there is so much piled up left to be done, I cannot claim to have made even a fractal dent in the load. I have clean drawers on and there is food in the fridge for anyone who wants to open the door…beyond that, don’t ask. 🙂

I know we bought a car, because the title is sitting on the kitchen table as it is at the head of the drive. I know the kids went to the fair, cuz one was still carnie-food flu-ing yesterday, and I know that I need to get a jar and lid count for canning because there’s a message from my mom on the machine. Like I said…blur.

The switch was flipped over the weekend and Autumn is making her play. The sweltering, oppressive temps and humidity of as recently as Friday have given way to gorgeous 70s & 80s and overnights in the 50s. I cannot express how much I love this. Now, if we could just get the work situation to play along and let us have a few extra days off to enjoy the change.


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