Plan With Me – Step 12 Finally!

It’s finally here! Step 12. You’ve been patiently waiting for weeks. You thought I’d never get to the end, but now it’s finally here.

The last and final step to be followed by the BONUS 3 Step Short Cut. YAY!

So what is it? What is the final step?

Step 12 – Know Your Enemy

Who is your enemy?

You are. Well, technically your Inner demon.  Your Inner Demon is the voice of negativity that fights you in your  achievements. It tells you why not. It makes you thin that the pitfalls and dangers that lay in your way are insurmountable and that you shouldn’t even try.

It is an invisible but destructive force that opposed you every single time that you try to make an improvement in your life, your work habits, basically in any area of your life.

The Inner Demon uses 3 main weapons.

  1. FEAR – Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of social interaction, fear of whatever your personal demon knows will trip your trigger. Your countermeasure to combat fear is to START. Do something. make small steps, incremental changes. Just DO IT!
  2. UNCERTAINTY – Unsure of what to do, where to start, where to go next. . . . this can leave you immobilized. That is the goal. Keep you from stepping out of your safe little box. Keep you inactive in working towards your goals.  Days, weeks, months can pass without accomplishing the smallest steps in the direction of your goals if you give in to uncertainty. Your countermeasure to this is FOCUS. Focus on the current step. Focus on the  overall arching idea. Focus on completing the task. This is where we put blinders on  and keep our head down quietly plodding through the mundane while our inner demon laughs at us.  You have to develop thick skin. You have to learn to ignore that particular voice inside your head.
  3. Inner demon’s third and most often used weapon is DOUBT. Doubting ourselves, doubting our abilities, doubting our ideas . . . you get the idea. Your best weapon to combat this is to FINISH.  Finish the project. Finish the book! Finish whatever it is that  you want to accomplish.

Recognize the voice of your inner demon. Know that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams.  Now get out there and DO IT!

OK, OK I promised the BONUS 3 Step Short Cut.

shortcut to writing

Honestly, did you really think there was going to be a short cut?  Writing is work. It’s not going to get done my chasing  after shortcuts! I condensed it down to 12 steps, that’s about as short as it gets. The bottom line is that you have to employ the ABC method in the meme.  Apply Butt to the Chair! It’s the only way to make the words happen.

Now get out there, put your best game face on, wipe away the tears, and  get back in the game!

‘Til next time





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