The pace is picking up …

This past week has held little surprises (the good kind) almost every day. Book two, now titled His Eternal Promise, has been sent to three more beta readers. I’ve gotten one back and was thrilled with her take on the book.

I found out that my book Phoenix Rising, is now being offered on That news was kind of a kick. It’s another venue, and I’m all for anything that gets my name out there.

I was nominated for the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards in the Romance division for Phoenix Rising. OK, I know one of my friends must have nominated me. There are literally hundreds of authors that have been nominated. It’s not that big of a deal. Wrong! In my world, it’s HUGE! I’m a new author, my book has been out on the market for all of four months, and I’ve been nominated for an award. It’s a first for me and for a brief fiery moment, I’m going to enjoy the thrill. This is a tough market, and praise doesn’t come often. I’m basking in the glow and no one can take it away from me. Next week, it will be back to the grindstone. I’m a realist when it comes down to it. 😉

Back working on book three, A Destiny Denied. I’m pleased with the way it’s coming along. Plotting definitely has its upside. I’ve stayed on track for the most part. A few little left turns, but they ended up adding to the story. Hopefully, the storyline will expand into a full sized novel instead of the original novella concept. Guess we’ll see where the characters take me.

I’ve gotten confirmation for an event, ‘Books for the Bayou’, being held at the main library in my home town. It’s a book signing event for local authors. Hopefully there will be a decent turnout for this one.

I’ve got lots of plans coming up for my second book, His Eternal Promise. Stick around, you don’t want to miss out!

Till next week,

~ Madison

300 dpi final


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