Defying explanation

Let’s face it…there are some things that just cannot be defined easily or accurately. Authors After Dark for example…there is not a suitable anything for the epic that it has been the last week. So, I thought I’d show you.

The event for me, after arrival, started with cleaning cages & feeding babies at JARM…cuz that’s what needed doing. When I left, this sweet pea still needed a forever home.


Then, after cleaning off the ‘ya know’ it was time to kick it…and get the stalkers ready to roll.



Prepping for the welcome party carnival fun. the view from my balcony.


Thursday morning breakfast in jammies.








pirate lunch…


and the Pony Party….but that was just ONE DAY.


Friday…more panels, more readings, another lunch, the river walk


and the Debut Dinner with some awesome ladies!!


Saturday signing, and the Fantasy Ball.




and that’s just the stuff I got to do while rocking my Lula Roes…



There was a cruise, trivia, games, and so much fun there isn’t enough memory space to include everything.

BUT…now I’m home, and if I can’t be with the best book fanatics around, this is where I want to be. They know me and my crazy here but love me anyway. Hugs and kisses are optional but abundant. Head butts from the felines are whenever, even if I’m sleeping, and my coffee is always exactly right. There’s a slight shift in the mattress that fits me perfectly, and it is the only place where I can always find where the older cat had an ‘oops’ as soon as I put on fresh socks.

I love it at Cons & events, but I love it here too. Like I said, some things cannot be explained; they must be lived, embraced, and experienced with everything you’ve got to give…it is the pinnacle of living and being blessed with abundance.

Read something great this week!!





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