Entertaining myself

Book 2 of the Kindred series has finished simmering on the shelf. This past week, I’ve been reading it aloud to catch errors that I might otherwise miss. Reading aloud helps you with the cadence of the story. You can read a sentence to yourself, and it seems fine. Speak it out loud, and you trip all over it. Hence, the purpose of the oral read.

I have always been able to entertain myself, even as a small child. I have a knack for picking up accents fairly quickly. If I’m with someone that speaks with an accent, I’ll be sounding like them in no time. It’s not intentional, it’s just the way my brain works. Reading aloud is a chore, until the accents kick in. My characters are coming to life as I read the story. Not only am I working on my WIP, I’m amusing myself to no end. I have laughed out loud in some parts, and teared up in others. Last night I had a good cry, and had to stop for a bit before I could continue. Intrigued, yet? 😉 I cheer for the good guys, and groan at the bad ones. It’s turning out to be a pretty good read. The best part of all is that I wrote it. Go me!

I only hope my beta readers, and then my readers enjoy it half as much. Hopefully, I can carry the momentum on to the next book. My goal is a completed series of the Kindred. After that is anyone’s guess. I’ll worry about it when I actually reach that point. Right now I’m immersed in my world of Kindred warriors and I’m enjoying every second of it. It won’t be long before I can share this one with you.

Until then, I’ll keep writing.  Till next week,

~ Madison



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