Plan With Me – Step 10

This week  is step 10 out of 12.  I know you’re tired of waiting. I know you want to just get on with it.  Be patient grasshopper.

Here’s a quick review to catch you up before we move on. People learn by repetition. Trust me, this is going to be beneficial in the end.

This twelve step process is thorough. If you follow the guidelines, then you will be able to map  your success. For those that stick through to the very end, I’m going to give you a BONUS 3 Step Short Cut. It’s so close you can almost taste it.

Step 10- Start Easy

Listen very carefully. This is vitally important.

Write the easy chapters first!

IF you are a planner, then this should be super easy. If you’re a pantser, then you already  have a starting point in your mind.  You can always fill in the  background and details later.

If you’re writing a full-length novel of 50,ooo words or more it’s like starting a cruise ship.  It takes a while for the engines to actually move the behemoth forward.  slowly at first it eases away from the docks. Cautiously moving beyond the buoy markers until it reaches open water where they can increase the speed.

Maybe you only have a vague sketch of an idea. Write that down. Then build on it. Break it down into small bites. The way you tackle a big project is to build momentum.  A few check marks   moving in the forward direction will help build momentum.

Even if you skip around, it’s progress!

You should be getting excited now.  You should be  getting out your notebook or opening your Scrivener file  inspired with possibilities.   Click like and start  planning!

‘Til next time





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