The Glass Slipper

I am getting items ready for my next book signing which is the Once Upon Book Author event in Frankenmuth, MI on August 12th & 13th. My niece is diligently putting together some key chains for me. All book related items are either ready, or on their way to being ready. Items for my gift basket drawing on slowly but surely getting here, and the prize for a selfie game I am having (I actually borrowed this awesome idea from Savannah) is here. Oh, and I have my gown for the ball.

Do you know what I almost forgot to buy? Shoes! One cannot go to the ball without the appropriate shoes for the gown. So shoe shopping I went. I  cannot express enough how much I loathe shopping for shoes. They never, ever, fit as well once the little buggers get home as they did in the store. Anyway…I found a pair I could live with in style and price. I even walked around the store in them for a little bit. I got them home and SURPRISE…they still fit.

Now…now I have to practice walking in them. lol. Once upon a time, wearing heels was second nature. I could do it with grace, but it has been many moons since I have worn heels with any kind of regularity. Practice is a MUST. It wouldn’t do any good to have a gown that makes you feel like a princess if you look like a hippo trying to toe dance in the shoes you bought. Not a pretty picture is it? lol. This is not to say those shoes will not give way to fuzzy socks and/or flipflops before the night is over, mind you, I will be bringing both to the ball with me. Even Cinderella knew when to kick off those glass slippers. 😉

Anyway, I have pages to write and walking practice to do. Such is the life of a writer. 😉

Until next week…Happy Reading!

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