Finding Grace

My mother always told me there were two ways to see any situation; as a sentence, or as an opportunity. I have tried to follow her teachings in my life, and while some I have managed, others I have failed miserably. This one plagues me every time it comes up, because my knee jerks are hard and I have to almost physically step back to see the bigger picture. Even then, sometimes the bigger picture lends more to the bad than the good and only ups my reaction.

This year has been full up with chances to weigh this thought process…Some by thought, some by action, others by actions of third parties. I have struggled. I won’t lie. It has been an extremely difficult year. These last few weeks have been as chaotic as the rest, and for no good reasons….which brings me to today. Today I am racing the clock to wrap up a week worth of work so I can board the plane in the early hours of tomorrow guilt free.  I have my boarding pass and will be in the early boarding group, so I have time to get settled and relax while others load, and should be near the front to get off quickly and out to the curb to make the last leg of the trip.

Everything else, everything else that has me flustered, frustrated, or on the verge of angry tears today has to go away. This is my opportunity. I have made it to the starting gate. For everything that is missing, I am here.

Perhaps one day this lesson will be easier to see the opportunities instead of the sentences. Today wasn’t it. Maybe tomorrow.


If you’re going to Authors After Dark in Savannah Georgia…I’m inbound baby. Let’s Party!!


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