Laziness never pays

If you have been following me on Facebook you know my laptop decided to stop working. Last year I was having a a lot of issues with my old one so I was pre-emptive and got a new one. A year and a half later I tried to get the old one out and couldn’t use it. Every time I typed a letter the cursor jumped three lines then went back to the beginning. This post is coming to you from the trusty kindle!

When I was having issues I was adamant about backing everything up on a flash drive. After I got the new computer I got lazy. I had a new computer I didn’t have to worry about that kind of thing. Now that I had to pay a specialist to retrieve the documents from my hard drive I realized the saying that laziness doesn’t pay is literal!

The lesson to be learned is that summer storms create power surges which will fry the power port, hard drive, and motherboard in your laptop no matter how new they are. Always back up your work.

I didn’t lose anything (other than ego) so I refuse to sit here and just moan and complain about it. I only bring it up to remind you that it happens. Don’t get complacent. You may think I am exhausted. I just put a ton of words on paper today I will back up tomorrow. Don’t fall in that trap. Take the extra time and back it up!



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