Learning from my Mistakes

I’ll be the first to tell you that when I wrote Phoenix Rising I knew absolutely zilch about writing a book, much less having one published. I was supported, and guided by two wonderful women that took me in hand. And while I’m learning as quickly as I can, there are a few mistakes I made in the beginning that are coming back to haunt me.

I knew when I picked the title Phoenix Rising and named my series, The Kindred, that there was another book already out with the same name and series title. It was about vampires, Phoenix Rising was the 5th book in that series. I let it go. I was so set on my book’s name and series title that I didn’t look at the big picture. Enter, Big Picture. I recently received a four star review on Amazon. While that usually thrills me, the compliment to my writing got left by the wayside. The reviewer had seen the other book and gave it a ‘Who knew?’ Shake it off, right? I tried, until I pulled up the other Phoenix Rising and saw that the fonts of the two titles were almost identical, and while the other book’s lettering was in flames and mine is blocked, they were still the same exact color. There were a few differences, but it was close enough. Huh? Was my cover artist aware of this? (Note: I checked with her and she was totally unaware. She felt bad enough about it to want to redo the cover for me. Not something I will do now, but it’s a thought whenever I have it reprinted later on.) I sure missed it. Redoing the cover is an option, but an added expense I’m not prepared for. Just going to have suck this one up as a lesson to be learned.

Here’s where I’m learning from my mistakes. Book two of my series has been titled ‘Eternal Embrace’. I like the title, it plays into the story. I checked Amazon for books under that title, oh yeah, there are several. So, I’m now changing the title of my book. I’ve given myself a headache trying to come up with something that’s just as fitting. This weekend, my third book goes on the shelf and I’m pulling the second one out again for revisions before it goes to the beta readers. Hopefully, I’ll stumble upon a new title in the process.

The devil is in the details. I’m learning to move slower, and pay closer attention to everything that revolves around my series. It’s a lot of work, but I’m determined to do this, and do it well.

Enjoy a good book and be sure to leave a review. Good or bad, we want to know how you feel!

Till next week,


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