Crazy is as crazy does

I walked into the market the other day, and front and center was proof that it’s my favorite time of year…Stock the office, I mean, Back to school sales. weeeeee.

I’ve not been writing recently, but that does not mean that I cannot stock up on supplies for when I climb back inta the saddle and do. Composition books, pens, folders, labels, tape, colored marks, stickem notes, near everything office supply related has gone on sale. And, they’ve moved the whole lot to the front of the store so I dinnae even have ta walk far….ain’t it grand?

I don’t have any grubbers in school anymore, but you’ll find me in the aisles for hours picking and choosing items. If the parents, who look at me so impressed for braving the crowd now, only knew that it were all for me? I bet the looks would be different. I’m a happy happy and soon to be fully stocked happy…win-win for me.

Go shopping.


One response to “Crazy is as crazy does

  1. The stationery freak in me loves this time of year too! I’ve been to Staples several times in the past week & a half. Mostly to browse. Lol


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