Coffee, it plays an important role

I stared at the blinking cursor with a blank mind  while listening to the coffee pot waiting for it to be done. I had no idea what to write for my post this week. No idea were forthcoming. I was hoping inspiration would come with that first cup of coffee.

After that first cup inspiration did indeed hit. Coffee plays an integral role in what we do as writers. Without the caffeine it provides to our brains I’m not sure we could come up with half of what we do for our stories. We mainstream the substance into our systems to keep going when we are on a roll and the result is a draft. Then we continue to mainstream it and the next result is a second (or third, etc.) draft. Then edits, then formatting. Finally, we end up with a book.

Coffee is one of the main ingredients that we need to write. I had a hard time even getting started on writing even this blog post without it. It is hard to admit it, but I think it is time to put it out there. I’m not sure I would be where I am without coffee 😉


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