Plan With Me – Step 8


The finish line is within sight! This week marks 3/4 of the way there.  This is the last lap. Don’t quit on me now!

Plan With Me – Halfway Mark

Plan With Me – Step 7

Step 8 – Research.

Using one of my own stories as an example,  I needed to research several things.

  • Sailing terms
  •  All about marinas
  • Beachfront community
  • Tourism
  • Pneumatic nail guns
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  •  heroin addiction


Maybe you need to research dragons,   werewolves, vampires,  anaphylactic shock, or mythical beings.  Whatever it is that you need to do research on, you will need a way to keep it  organized.

I needed to have an  organized system to keep my data, unlike the usual stacks of paper scattered across my desk that I can’t put my fingers on when I need it. Do you remember back on step 4 when I talked about your toolbox?  One of the tools I recommended was Evernote. This is a valuable software for keeping your Research organized. One handy-dandy place to keep all of my stored information,  web addresses,  bits of fun facts and miscellaneous points of interest organized  by categories within the program.

By creating a system of tags for your book, you can collect your stored data, by placing them in an easy to access manner.


Primary tags:                                                    Secondary tags:

Chapter 1                                                                                   epigraph

chapter 2                                                                                    murder weapon

chapter 3                                                                                    sailing terms

chapter 4                                                                                     police procedures

chapter 5                                                                                      heroine addiction


Whatever headings you decide,  you are able to keep all of the information organized and ready to access.  Is it mandatory? NO.  But why not help yourself with  the proper tools?

Whatever it is you need to  research, make a system to keep the information organized and available.

What’s next?  Rounding the second corner of the last leg  will take us to next week’s topic.

‘Til then





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