So Many Books…So Little Time

One of the things you often hear/read well-known writers tell new and aspiring authors to do is read. Read a lot. Read books in your genre. Read the authors whose style you wish to emulate….not work…just style of writing. (plagiarism is a BIG no no.) Anyway, I’m good with the reading advice. I love it.

Here’s the problem. Finding the time to read. Not having anything to read isn’t a problem. Trust me…I’m constantly buying books. Print…e-book….sometimes both. If all the books on my Kindle were in print, there’d be no room for furniture in my living room. As it is, my to be read pile is growing by leaps and bounds and I’m so behind on series by some of my favorite authors that I wonder if I’ll ever catch up. Probably not, but there is always the hope. 😉

I have a story I have to finish before I can indulge. Once The Veiled Path to Destiny~The Veil Book 2 is complete and off to the printers, I plan on taking a week to do some catch up reading before starting a new story. Such is the life of a writer…you read when you can, and you enjoy it all the more.

On that note…There are readers waiting for the second book in the Veil series, so I’m off to put some words on the page.

Until next week…Happy Reading!

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