Could you love a purple zebra?

Alphabet week #26 “Z”
July 15, 2016

We made it! Can you believe it? 26 weeks of posts, following the alphabet letter by letter and we have finally arrived at “Z” HOOOORAY!!!

So what does a purple zebra possibly have to do with things we learned in kindergarten that make us great writers? Simple…it’s the reason why our mums never wanted us ta dress ourselves- we were individuals, and showed it in unusual ways. The significance is, that plaid with stripes, or polkey-dots with rainbow checks…no body cared on the playground. We were, who we were, and none of those around us gave a hoot or hollered for us to change.

The same is true with writing. You are who you are. You have a voice, a story, an idea…and complex or simple, similar or completely different from anything else out there…it is yours to own, to share, to write. So do that. Own it! Let your freaky flag fly high and proud. Put leisure suits on coppers and fish nets on camels. Who cares? If you do…then change it. But if that’s your story – TELL IT.

Take ten and regress to who you are at the heart of it all…then be that person for everyone around you. The beautiful thing about the author community is that we can embrace differences. Plagiarism not so much…but differences, oddities, new perspectives – bring it on. There’s room for everyone at the table and if you wanna color your zebra purple, no one is stopping you but you.

Write something amazing!!


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