I am beginning to believe that there are more Mondays than any other day of the week. My reasoning is that every time I turn around, it’s Monday. I never have that problem with Tuesday, and certainly never with a Friday or Saturday…so what gives? And why is it that Monday’s feel compelled to be over run with a longer “to do” list than any other day of the week? It’s not like there are more hours to use.

It took me an inordinately long time to get unpacked from the signing I had Saturday, in part because I was trying to repack and restage for the next one at the same time which amped up the growing worry over how the crap I’m going to get everything I need to take with me on the plane without paying a fortune in extra baggage or overweight limit fees.  *sigh* Me thinks I have taken a realllly big bite this time. Were I driving, it would be completely non-issue…but I’m flying which changes everything.

Authors After Dark is up next & I have a lot of things that I’m involved with at the event because I couldn’t say no. A signing I had scheduled between I had to back out of for medical reasons and I’m really hating that. 😦 But, if you don’t slow down when the body says so, it will step up and make you change your plans.  I still have 4 more events on the books for this year, and a possible 5th if I can get the time off to travel. S’all good.

So, my crazy has taken on it’s own life now, I really don’t need Monday to assist unless it’s going to book and pay for it’s own boarding passes. My hands are full.


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