Another great event

Yesterday three of us were at Writers on the River. It was a great event. Not only was it only 10 minutes from my house it was a great success. There was a steady stream of people and it was a great time.

We all had so much fun. It was the first year for this event so none of us knew what to expect. I was so happy to see that it went so well. I got to see some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and meet some new ones. I also sold some books.

It is always nice to sell books at events but my favorite part of events is getting to talk to everyone. I love meeting new people and talking to the ones that I don’t get to see very often.  I love to walk around and see what the other author tables look like and see what they have worked so hard on.

I feel a connection with everyone at these events. We all have one thing in common a love of books. No matter what else we have in our lives we have this one thing we can talk about for hours. We may not enjoy the same genre but that doesn’t make a difference we can still talk about books and writing for hours upon end (to the dismay of our significant others in most cases) and that is something that you will be hard pressed to find outside of an event like this. Unless of course you are part of a book club or it is friends but those are different circumstances.

Before the signing starts I always walk through and look at everyone’s books and find a couple that I really want. If I sell well enough I always buy at least one of them. This time there was only one that I had to have. The foot traffic was heavy enough that I wasn’t able to run over and get it myself so I sent my Mom who was there as my assistant. She came back with the book that I wanted and the author had written ‘never stop chasing your dreams’ when she signed it. I have heard this phrase many times. I have even said this phrase many times. To see it written in a book by an author to another at an event hit home with me. It showed me that the author community is very supportive of each other and I am proud to a part of it.


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