Y? Because we like you…

First a quick sorry. I don’t know what happened to last Friday. In my mind I was all done and ready to off for the long holiday weekend. Guess not. I completely missed posting, so we’re bumping back to WEEK #25 “Y” this week instead of finishing up with “Z”.


Once upon a while ago,  the Mouseketeers would wrap each show with “M-I-C, see ‘ya real soon, K-E-Y, why? because we like you. M-O-U-S-E.”

It was the clear and simple statement of the time and of our ages. (yes, I’m aware that dates me some.) Me, I really liked Annette, but we all had a favorite. Regardless of our favorite though, I think we liked them all and that was pretty true in daily life too unless someone had done you bum.

Times have changed, but for us as writers we need to keep this idyllic mindset at the forefront. Not every reader is going to like us best, not every reader is going to know our name, but someone out there does and they ‘like’ us, our words, and our stories. We don’t have to be the favorite to be noticed, we don’t have to be the story in the #1 spot to be good, worthy, or read. Perspective is a powerful thing and if nothing else, remember that.

Y? Because we’re worth it. In a time when it easy to see what’s wrong, or who doesn’t like or appreciate us…stop to put value on the ones that do. You might be surprised to learn that it’s not the size of your circle that matters, it is the amount of room inside that’s consumed with love and positives. Fill up your world with plus’s and the minus’s really don’t matter any more.


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