Dream Chasing

There is a saying, “If you never chase your dreams, you’ll never catch them.” I think this is pretty much true. Though to be frank, there are days…weeks even…when chasing that dream feels more like chasing your own tail until you fall to the ground panting in exhaustion. The trick though is to NEVER give up the chase.
As an author, the fun part of that dream chase is going to signing events. The event I’ll be going to on July 9th is Writers On The River in Peoria, IL. There is always the hope to sell books, but one of the biggest pay-out is getting to meet and interact with readers face to face, AND getting to meet some really awesome writers, who in a round-about way are a part of your tribe. Yes, there will be some fan-girling going on on my end. Did I mention there a LOT of awesome writers that are going to be there? If you’re in the area, stop by my table and say hi! I’d love to meet you.

Until next week….Happy Reading!

10530872_1695576410725707_5034466966321456078_n 566017668-05eb138d86ff3acde28f51a123aa27c0                                                  http://www.mystylepursesshop.com/



2 responses to “Dream Chasing

  1. One day, girl! One day!

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  2. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for that event that will get me out your way. ~Jolanthe~


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