Light the fuse

It’s July 4th…Independence Day, Fireworks Day, BBQ Day…whatever the quirky little catch name you use, today is a day off work for most, BUT not all.

I’m not going to blather on today, only stop long enough to pause and remember that this day is the commemoration of our nation’s break from oppression by unfair governmentation and taxation without representation. We face different battles today than we did back then, but we, if we choose, still have a voice and a right to stand up and make ourselves heard. So, before the barbeque, before you light the fuse, take a look around and ask yourself, “Is this the world I want?” If the answer isn’t a resounding yes…then find a way to make a difference.

After that, I would ask two things…thank a military person, or a hospital worker, or someone else whose job doesn’t stop because it’s a holiday…not everyone is off today – Thank you to those who still tend the flame.

Lastly, if you’re literally lighting fuses, please be aware of the four-legged friends around us who don’t handle the noise so well and make sure to have them secure, & somewhere they feel safe.

After that…pass the match!

Happy 4th everyone.


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