The process of creativity

I did it! I finally finished my short story. The elation and feeling of accomplishment lasted … for about four hours tops. In the process of doing an oral reading that led to self editing, I find I still have more work to do. Once I’m satisfied with it, I’ll let one of my beta readers have a swing at it. After that, it will sit on the shelf and keep ‘Eternal Embrace’ company.

I had started book 3 of the Kindred series a while back. Tentatively titled, ‘A Destiny Denied’, I’ve got the prologue and part of chapter one started. I reread what I had written, and stared at the pages for a long time. My characters weren’t talking to me. What? Are they upset because they’ve been on the shelf for a few months? Hmm, they need to get over that one. I’m here now. I took out my trusty notebook, and started working on an outline. ‘This needs to happen, then this needs to happen. I need to mention this near the end to have it flow into the next book. This has to happen because book 4 is about them’. This plotting stuff is alien to me, but I need to figure it out. At least, enough to find something that works for me. It’s time like this that I wish I lived closer to Savannah Verte. I need to pick her brains, but not over the phone. I need some one-on-one with the woman. Alas, that’s not going to happen, so it’s back to the drawing board.

At this point, I’m not really concerned. It’s a bit like these blogs. Every week I sit down and wonder what I’m going to write about. Once I open up a blank page in Word, my thoughts flow on to the screen. ‘Destiny’ will do the same. I just haven’t had a quiet moment to coax the characters into telling me their story yet. I’m pretty sure when I finish ‘Last Dance’ and officially put it on the shelf, they’ll step forward. They want my undivided attention, and they’ll get it. Something tells me that this story is going to be special. These two were secondary characters that nudged their way to the front, demanding their time. Who am I to deny them?

It doesn’t matter if I’m reading or writing, I love getting swept up in a story. That feeling never gets old, and it’s what has kept me a life-long reader. I know you understand what I’m talking about, and I hope you’re reading one of those magical books. May your TBR pile be never ending.

Till next week,




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