Plan With Me – Step 6

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been  going over a simple plan to expedite the writing process.  You can find the previous posts here:

As with the previous step,  the following will be different depending on the path you choose.

Step 6 – Establish Your Writing Goals.

Goal Setting – Everyone  that knows me knows that I am all about the goals. Without a goal line, how do you know when you’ve finished? Goals are important, so are deadlines.

There are a couple of things that need to be addressed before we actually begin on the writing goals.

The Manuscript length.  – Is it a novella? a short? a novel? a series?  Know what you are writing or contracting to be written  and know the length of work.  Smaller books are actually  a good option. For a book of 100 pages or less, 60% of the readers finish the book. If you double that to 200 [ages –  the percentage drops to 20.

Some super successful smaller books:

  • The One Minute Manager – Ken Blanchard
  • Tribes by Seth Godin
  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The average fiction novel ranges from 75000 words to 120000 words.

Deadlines: You can run a simple algorithm through a program called The Book Calculator to get an example of a realistic projected timeline for completion.

Set a goal for yourself, a realistic goal whether you use The Book Calculator or not.

An example would be: I will finish a 50,000-word first draft by July 31, 2016. 


If you have chosen the path of author  and not the writer, then you absolutely need to know what the length is that are expecting in return for your contract and what you are paying for. As the writer, it is imperative to know that you whether you area expected to write a 10000-word story or 100000.


The more information that you provide then the better quality you will get for your money.

What’s next? Tune in next week as we continue the series. Until then, have a fabulous 4th of July weekend and celebrate

‘Til then





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